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International regulations

Selling products with a CE mark into the EU

From 16 July 2021, any CE-marked products that are sold into the EU, will have to have an EU established economic operator listed on the product or packaging.

DAC7 — Sales reporting obligations

The EU Directive known as DAC7, implemented in Germany by the Platforms Tax transparency Act (PStTG), requires action by eBay and its EU-resident sellers starting 2023. eBay is legally required to report transaction data of its users to tax authorities under certain circumstances.

Using of the UKCA/UKNI and CE markings in the UK market

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK now has its own domestic regulations covering most goods previously subject to the EU’s CE marking. Get your business ready for these changes.

14-day right of withdrawal under the EU Consumer Rights Directive

If you sell over the Internet to consumers residing within the European Union, you have to offer them a right of withdrawal. This means that the buyer can return the item within a certain timeframe (at least 14 days) without giving any reasons and get a full refund unless the item is returned in a damaged condition.

EU Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act aims to create a safer digital space where the fundamental rights of users are protected and to establish a level playing field for businesses. Familiarize yourself with this regulation that global marketplaces like eBay must comply with in order to offer services to buyers in the EU.