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Коли необхідне підтвердження підпису

What is signature confirmation

Signature confirmation (buyer’s signature on the delivery notification) is an additional service offered by providers of postal services. You can purchase it when you ship your items. Under certain circumstances, this service is required to receive eBay Seller protection.

The standard delivery notification is a paper form that contains all the necessary information: the recipient, the delivery date, who delivered the package, the barcode identifier, and the recipient’s signature that confirms the delivery.

Today, postal operators and postal service providers offer electronic notifications. It is a digital equivalent (a scanned copy) of a paper form. You can request more information about signature confirmation and its cost from your postal service provider.

When signature confirmation is required

1. Delivery of high price orders: the buyer’s signature is required

The buyer should sign the notification to confirm the delivery of a high price order. It is required for Seller protection to cover high price orders — in case the buyer opens an Item not received dispute or a payment dispute.

2. Return of high price orders: the seller’s signature is required

The seller (acting as the recipient) should sign the delivery notification to confirm the return of a high price order. This requirement allows eBay to protect the buyer in case the seller claims the item has not been returned.

Signature confirmation threshold

Signature confirmation on the buyer’s side is required if the total amount of the transaction is equal to a certain threshold or exceeds it. International eBay sites can have different signature confirmation thresholds.

The total amount of the sale includes the item price, the shipping cost, and applicable fees.

How to find the total amount of the sale:

  1. Go to the Orders tab in the Seller Hub.
  2. Select the order number to check the details.

The buyer’s signature on the delivery notification can help you win a payment dispute and avoid paying extra dispute fees. Learn more about handling payment disputes.

Signature confirmation thresholds on international eBay sites

eBay siteItem value threshold
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