Ваш Mагазин на eBay

With an eBay Store you can get more free listings and access tools to create, personalize and develop your own brand. You can place all your ads of any format in one place.

eBay Store benefits

Find out why is it so profitable to subscribe to eBay Store. Answer two simple questions and get recommendations for the best subscription options for you.


Створіть свій магазин

Усе, що потрібно знати, щоб створити й налаштувати магазин на eBay.


Subscriptions and fees

Save on fees and get more free listings depending on your subscription plan: important figures to know about eBay Store.

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How to close your eBay Store

What to consider when cancelling a subscription: what happens to listings and how fees and discounts are calculated based on the Store closing date.


How to customize your eBay Store

Learn more about which main features you should adjust to stand out from competitors and become the first choice among sellers.


Building a repeat buyer business for your Store

eBay has jam-packed Stores with useful features designed to help you grow your business. Read on to learn how you can drive more traffic and buyer interest to your Store.


eBay Stores on international eBay sites: fees and benefits

Open your eBay Store on international eBay sites and get access to new audiences. Read this article to learn about the subscription fees and benefits on,,,,, and