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Як розміщення оголошень на регіональних сайтах eBay може допомогти збільшити продажі

Make your listings available internationally and grow your business by selling worldwide. And, by the way, did you know that you have two ways to reach international buyers on eBay? 

You can sell your items directly on eBay's international sites or reach buyers from all over the world with listings on So choose the best way for you — active or passive international selling on eBay.

Active selling

Selling directly on eBay's international sites

If you are ready to expand your business and gain even more international exposure, active international selling is a great option. Active refers to when you offer your items in specific global markets by listing directly on a local site, such as (United Kingdom), (France), etc.

Why try active international selling?

  • Gain greater in-market visibility on each site you list
  • Expand your access to customers
  • Enjoy fewer competitors in the global market
  • Include your inventory in local selling campaigns

You can sign in and sell using your username and password on eBay's local sites in:

Important tips for active listing and selling

Calculate your shipping

Determine your international shipping method and costs before you list and factor it into what you charge for shipping.

Translate your listing

Convert your listing into the local language so that customers can easily find and learn about your item.

Convert your price

Listings are in local currency, so make sure that you list the correct price and include any exchange fees.

Set your return policy

While returns occur on less than 1% of international sales, they can be costly. Be sure to clearly list your return policy.

Tools to list items on eBay international sites


Free platform developed by eBay for sellers. It helps you to list items on eBay international sites, manage orders and optimize shipping.


A platform that helps you list items on eBay international sites. Your listings are synchronized automatically: both translations and stock levels.

Passive selling

Reaching international buyers with listings on

When you make your listings eligible to international buyers on, you are "passive listing". This means eBay is making your item available to international buyers without any additional action by you.

Why try passive international selling?

  • Access millions more customers: eBay's business is global with 132M buyers in 190 countries. Expanding your reach through international selling could have a big impact on your sales.
  • Diversify your business: Selling internationally reduces your dependence on your local market and allows you to take advantage of growth rates in different markets.
  • Enjoy easier listing and inventory management than Active: Passive international selling allows you to expand your reach by offering shipping to international markets. This type of international selling is less effort than active, which requires listing translation, price conversion, and more.

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