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Meet the winners of eBay Exporter of the Year 2023!

This year, the Exporter of the Year celebration was bigger than ever!

For the first time, over 100 sellers from 23 countries located in Europe, Middle East, India, Latin America & South East Asia came to one venue in Dubai, UAE and shared their experience. It was an unprecedented event with partners thriving together — to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and success of eBay sellers, as well as their exporting excellence across the world.

The agenda of the 2-day event included thrilling desert safari, insightful seller panels with different topics, multi-cultural team building activities, and the magnificent award ceremony at Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City. It was a real pleasure to have all those amazing activities, interacting, sharing our experience and feedback. eBay appreciates the sellers’ dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, which are the driving forces of the platform. 

During the ceremony, winners in 4 categories were announced. 

The award for the Exporter of the Year nomination was given to Rolandas Tarnauskas from POPPRI Fashion Auctions, Lithuania. The store specializes in offering a diverse range of refurbished luxury fashion items exclusively through eBay auctions, with over 15 years of success on eBay selling across all big markets and constantly reaching double digit GMV in millions. The POPPRI team is a frequent guest and winner at the ceremony: in the previous years, they took the special Decade of Excellence award (2022) and the main Exporter of the Year award (2021).

Josef & Karolina Tekin from Modemani Outlet, Sweden won the Family Exporter of the Year nomination. They have been running their fashion store together successfully for the last 10 years. Josef and Karolina started from a physical store until they discovered eBay, closed the store and focused only on online sales. Through eBay they were able to reach the entire international community and sell their products worldwide!

The title of The Biggest Leap was awarded to Aleksei Makarenko from Tema4x4, UAE. Aleksei moved from Russia after the known conflict with Ukraine and has been able to rebuild an impressive business in Dubai Free Zone from scratch. He deals in Japanese car parts and is very happy working with eBay as it has enabled him to create such a business despite the disruptions in his country.

The Best customer service award was given to Miguel de Luna Márquez from PLC Suministro, Mexico. Miguel opened his business on eBay in 2021 and in just two years he has managed to build a successful store that relies on exports, mainly to Germany, the United States, India, Italy and the United Kingdom. His store specializes in industrial spare parts for the automation and control of machinery.

We are already looking forward to our meeting next year and recognizing your accomplishments once again!

You can learn more about the winners on the eBay Exporter of the Year 2023 page