eBay Seller Levels

eBay strives to provide buyers with excellent customer service. To help ensure this, eBay has put minimum performance standards in place for sellers. Based on how you're rated according to our standards, you’ll be assigned one of the seller performance levels.

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How is an eBay seller level assigned?

Your seller performance level is calculated by looking at your 3 key seller performance measures:

  1. The number of seller-initiated transaction cancellations (Transaction Defect Rate).
    The transaction defect rate is the percentage of your total transactions that were either canceled for being out of stock or had a case closed without seller resolution. So, closely manage your inventory.
  2. The number of cases closed without seller resolution.
    A case closed without seller resolution is any case in which the seller does not respond to or resolve a problem with the buyer prior to escalation. Any case or return that is found to be no fault of the seller won't count against your performance rating.
  3. The number of late shipments (Late Shipment Rate).
    Late shipment rates are determined by the percentage of transactions that you sent after the handling time stated in your listing, or were not delivered by the estimated delivery date.

Your seller performance level is calculated according to specific seller performance measurements and metrics, which are updated daily.

eBay assesses your seller level on the 20th of each month, based on your sales history and the quality of service you provide to your buyers. You don't need to provide any documents for it.

If a seller has had 400 or more transactions in the last three months, seller performance is evaluated over that three-month period.

If a seller has had fewer than 400 transactions in the last three months, seller performance is evaluated on the past 12 months.

What seller levels are there on eBay?

eBay sellers are assigned one of the following seller levels:

  • Below Standard: you're not meeting one or more of our minimum requirements for customer service quality.
  • Above Standard: you're meeting our minimum standard for sellers, and looking after your customers well.
  • Top Rated and Top Rated Plus: you're one of the best sellers on eBay, providing an exceptional quality of customer service, as well as meeting minimum sales requirements for Top Rated Seller level. If you're a Top Rated Seller, you're also eligible for Top Rated Plus listing benefits as long as you meet the listing qualifications.
    Top Rated Seller and Top Rated Plus are eligible for exclusive benefits.

Falling below standard may result in your listings being ranked lower in our search results. It can also lead to partial or even complete restriction of your sales activities.

Your seller rating can fall Below Standard if your cases closed without seller resolution is above the minimum standard.

Your seller rating will remain Above Standard and will not fall if you only don’t meet the late shipment rate minimum standard.

Top Rated and Top Rated Plus makes you eligible to receive a prominent Top Rated Plus seal on qualifying listings, which enables buyers to shop with an increased sense of confidence. In addition, these levels improve search results.

As a Top Rated Plus Seller you have an additional 20% discount that will be applied to final value fees (this applies to the final item price only, not to shipping costs).

How can I check my current seller level?

To check your current seller level in My eBay:

  1. Go to My eBay
  2. Open My Account section
  3. Open your Seller Dashboard


Second option:

  1. Go to Seller Hub
  2. Open Performance tab
  3. Open Seller Level tab

How do I become a Top Rated Seller and Top Rated Seller Plus?

To become a Top Rated Seller, you'll need to have an eBay account that's been active for at least 90 days.

Your seller's performance has to meet performance standards requirements on eBay. You'll need to:

  • Have at least 100 transactions and $1 000 in sales with US buyers over the past 12 months
  • Have a maximum percentage of transactions with defects (including transactions cancelled by seller) less than 0.5%
  • Have a maximum percentage of transactions sent late less than 3%
  • Have a maximum percentage of cases closed without seller resolution less than 0.3%

You can become the Top Rated Seller on ebay.com as well as on local eBay sites such as on ebay.co.uk or ebay.de based on transactions with buyers in these countries. Each site has a regional performance standard program. eBay has four regional performance standard programs.

Top Rated Seller status is displayed on the Seller Dashboard. If you are a Top Rated Seller, the Top Rated Plus seal will only be displayed in the listings if they:

  • Offer 30-day or longer free returns
  • Offer same or 1-business-day handling time

If you are a Top Rated seller and all your listings meet these requirements, you can qualify for Top Rated Plus benefits.

There are some exceptions to this rule.