eBay Store Benefits

What is an eBay Store?

An eBay Store allows you to save on eBay fees if you post more than 200 listings per month.

By subscribing to an eBay Store you also get access to the tools to develop your own brand. All your listings will be posted on an eBay page, your own storefront with your own name and a short website address (URL).


Savings in action: benefits in one example

All your eBay listings and itemsFees without an eBay Store subscriptionFees with a Premium Store subscription
1000 listingsInsertion Fees: $280Insertion Fees: $0
1000 items soldFinal Value Fees: $1,000Final Value Fees: $615
$10 per sold itemSubscription Fee: $0Subscription Fee: $59.95
$10,000 in salesTotal fees: $1,280Total fees: $674.95

One-month savings for Premium Store subscriber: $605.05*

* Based on a Premium Store annual subscription, fees were calculated based on 1,000 Fixed Price items listed, and sold for $10 per item, in the consumer electronics category with the applicable 6.15% final value fee. Optional fees, including advanced listing upgrades and supplemental service fees may still apply. Please note: early termination fees apply to annual Store subscriptions.

eBay Store Subscriptions in brief

Store subscriptionStarterBasicPremiumAnchorEnterprise
Price per month for a yearly subscription$4.95$21.95$59.95$299.95$2,999.95
Best for sellers whoList up to 250 items per month as either an auction or fixed price format.List at least 350 items per month in a fixed price format, or list high value items to take advantage of lower final value fees.List at least 1,000 items per month in a fixed price format.List at least 10,000 items per month in a fixed price format. Best for sellers who want top savings and support for high-volume sales.List at least 100,000 items per month in fixed price formats. Best for Enterprise sellers who want top savings and support for high-volume sales.
Free fixed price insertions*2503501,00010,000100,000
Additional fixed price insertion*$0.30$0.25$0.10$0.05$0.05
Final Value Fees and Final Value Fee cap3.5 – 12.00% $7503.5 – 12.00% $3503.5 – 12.00% $3503.5 – 12.00% $2503.5 – 12.00% $250
*Applicable to all core categories. Does not apply to Motors, Boats, Planes, Jetskis, Real Estate, Mobile Phone Contracts, and Travel. For listings in the Auction format, see the full comparative table.

Even more benefits of an eBay Store subscription


Attract more buyers

Get access to Promotions Manager and create promotions to attract new buyers and boost traffic.


Explore the market

Get free access to the Terapeak** market research tool. It uses eBay's latest supply, demand and pricing data to help you decide what, when and at what price it is best to sell.


Your own brand

Give a proper name and get a unique URL for a personalized Store page. This will allow you to keep your regular customers and attract new buyers.


Vacation without losing sales

If you need to take a break from your store for any reason, turn on your vacation settings and hide your fixed price listings.

**Terapeak is free to Basic, Premium, Anchor, and Enterprise eBay Store subscribers. Starter Store subscribers and non-Store sellers can subscribe to Terapeak on a monthly or yearly basis.

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Insertion Fees

For item listings, eBay charges the Insertion Fees to sellers. Every month, you get Zero Insertion Fee Listings. The amount of the fees and number of Zero Insertion Fee Listings depends on which international eBay site you list your items and some other factors.

Final Value Fees

This fee depends on the Item category, the item’s price and international eBay site (e.g. ebay.de, ebay.it, etc.). The fee is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale, including the shipping cost, and in most cases does not exceed 10%.