The CBT Seller Dashboard

What is the CBT Seller Dashboard?

The Cross Border Trade (CBT) Seller Dashboard is designed specifically for Southeast Asian sellers. It helps keep track of your selling performance to continuously provide excellent service.

Why should you use it?

The dashboard shows you detailed analyses of your shipping performance, unsatisfactory transactions, and seller standards across top eBay markets. Take advantage of this data to keep track of your selling performance

Key features of the dashboard include:


A consolidated experience! View all your service metrics and selling information in a single place.


Track selling performance! Retrace your selling performance for up to 12 months and measure your performance across top international markets.


Download detailed transaction reports! Keep detailed reports of all problematic transactions to easily identify your issues and improve your service.

Understanding the assessment status

There are 4 assessment statuses on the performance dashboard.



means that all your transactions meet the policy requirements.



means that your transactions didn’t meet the minimum policy requirement. This status won’t escalate to “Action Taken” if your account is already under action for violating another eBay policy or the total number of your transaction(s) is below threshold.



shows when your account is flagged for non-compliance for the first time. This means action isn’t already being taken against your account and you’ve passed the transaction threshold

Secure transactions

Action Taken

means that your account has passed the warning stage and is being flagged for non-compliance. As stated, action is being taken on your account.

Take note

Take note: If there are no transactions that require evaluation, the dashboard will show “-” (dash).

Operation cycle

The assessment status will be refreshed every Wednesday. Be sure to review your dashboard weekly to ensure you remain compliant.


The dashboard data is refreshed every Wednesday. Be vigilant and check your dashboard every week to avoid falling into the non-compliant status.


If you believe that eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, submit your appeal (including supporting evidence) to eBay Customer Support before Thursday 2pm SGT.


On Friday, action is taken on all non-compliant accounts. Don’t just sit there and wait for your appeal results. Be proactive and take steps to improve your performance!


How to appeal

If you have evidence that eBay’s evaluation was applied incorrectly, contact local Customer Support to submit an appeal. In order to be eligible for an appeal, you’re required to provide evidence to support the claim.

Valuable insights

For example: If your parcel delivery experienced delays due to customs, provide the official supporting document when you appeal.

SEA Service Metrics

The SEA Service Metrics is a policy for CBT sellers in South East Asia (SEA). These metrics ensure you create accurate listings, ship securely and on-time so buyers are satisfied with your product and service.

There are 2 parts under the SEA Service Metrics:

  • Unsatisfactory Item Rate
  • Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate.

Watch the video to learn more.

Let’s go through the CBT Seller Dashboard to help you better understand how it works.

You can check the performance for both Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate and Unsatisfactory Item Rate under the Cross-Border Selling Performance dashboard tab.

Both parts have meter indicators to keep track of your selling performance. Check your performance meters weekly so that you can quickly identify & fix any problematic transactions.

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SpeedPAK Shipping Policy

The SpeedPAK Shipping Policy is a new shipping requirement for cross-border transactions shipped from China. eBay has partnered with Orange Connex Ltd to provide sellers with a logistic solution that is fully integrated with eBay’s platform. It’s protected by eBay policies and provides fast handling and delivery times.

SpeedPAK performance data refreshes every Wednesday.

You’re required to register and validate an account on eBay’s eDelivery International Shipping platform (eDIS) before using SpeedPAK services.

Click on the SpeedPAK Policy under the Cross-Border Selling Performance dashboard tab to have an overview of your SpeedPAK policy performance. The table shows the compliance rate of the buyer’s selected shipping solution and service level. You’re required to fulfil an order using SpeedPAK or any other approved shipping solutions with service levels that match the buyer’s selection.

You can download the full defect report of your SpeedPAK policy performance by clicking Download report.

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Warehouse Service Standard Policy

The Warehouse Service Standard policy is meant for CBT sellers in South East Asia (SEA) with items that are shipped out from an overseas warehouse to a buyer in the same country (forward-deployed).

Warehouse Service Standard Policy performance refreshes every Wednesday.

Watch the video to learn more.

To check your performance, click on the Warehouse Service Standard under the Cross-Border Selling Performance dashboard tab. You must ensure that your selling performance meets the minimum requirements in order to stay compliant.

Let us help you to better understand how it works.

Listing Compliance Rate

Listing Compliance Rate is the percentage of forward-deployed listings that comply with the policy’s handling time & estimated shipping time requirement.

On-time Shipping Rate

On-time Shipping Rate is the percentage of forward-deployed transactions shipped within the promised handling time.

On-time Delivery Rate

On-time Delivery Rate is the percentage of forward-deployed transactions delivered within the estimated delivery date.

Unsatisfactory Delivery Rate

This is the percentage of forward-deployed transactions when a buyer files an INR case, has an INR message, or has left a 1-start Detailed Seller Rating for shipping time.

Minimum Requirement

In this section, you will find the minimum requirements for each evaluation criteria.

Your Performance

Your current performance status will be located in this section. You must ensure that your selling performance meets the minimum requirements for the boxes highlighted in yellow.

Global Selling Performance

Keep track of your Global Selling Performance across the eBay markets on a single consolidated hub using the CBT Seller Dashboard. You’ll be able to view your seller performance standards, transaction defect rate, case(s) closed without seller resolution, late shipment rate, and global service metrics.

On the left, you will see an overview of Seller Performance Standards, Global Service metrics, and charts displaying your last 12 months of seller performance standards in USA, UK, Germany, and global markets.

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The CBT Seller Dashboard gives you the tools to analyze your performance and improve your service. Make sure you log in every Wednesday and pay close attention to your performance. Rectify areas which require further improvement, stay compliant, & keep selling globally on eBay.

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