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Summary tab

Find reports here to help analyze your sales at a glance:

eBay Seller Level

Understand which aspect to improve on to become Top Rated Seller/Top Rated Seller Plus:

  • Selling more
  • Getting positive feedback from your buyers
  • Monitoring the quality of items
  • Replying in a timely manner to your buyers’ requests


Understand which aspect to improve on to become Top Rated Seller/Top Rated Seller Plus:

  • Selling more
  • Getting positive feedback from your buyers
  • Monitoring the quality of items
  • Replying in a timely manner to your buyers’ requests


Review the popularity of your items and buyers’ interest in specific offers. Compare and choose the most effective means of attracting buyers to your listings.

Service metrics

Compare your service quality to other sellers who sell similar items, find ways to deliver greater service and get assigned a higher seller performance level.

Performance tab

You can find the reports to help you analyze your sales in detail:

Listing Quality Report

The Listing Quality Report is a downloadable Excel document that provides you with analysis — at listing and category levels — of your 10 categories with the most live listings. You can use it to help boost listing views and sales and see how you rank against your eBay competitors. Improving listing quality is one keyway to improve your ranking and search impressions. Fully optimized listings generally benefit from greater visibility and can help increase sales.

It will also flag if and why your listings were rejected from Google Shopping ads. eBay makes our recommendations by comparing your listings in quality and content to other listings in this category that perform well throughout the sales funnel. It currently only covers buy-it-now items and single SKU listings.

It provides specific actions you can take to optimise your listings and categories with the aim of boosting your views, impressions, and sales. It has been designed with input from the seller community.

What’s in the Listing Quality Report?

  • Summary tab: an overview of recommendations at the category level.
  • Google Shopping tab: an overview of which listings have been rejected by Google Shopping ads, and why.
  • Category tab: listing-level detail of each category and benchmark data to support the recommended actions.

How to use the report?

Example category recommendations for Health and beauty:

  • Improve search impressions > Consider increasing promoted listing ad rate to 7%
  • Improve sales conversion > Add UPCs to 111 of your listings.
  • Improve traffic from Google > Upload a new image without watermarks

eBay Seller Level

Learn here for more details on Seller level or Seller Performance Standard.

Sales Report

On the sales report, you will find Sales by eBay category module. Sellers on all international eBay sites can use it to get the following data:

  • Buyer Insight
  • Sales by eBay category
  • Total sales & Selling cost
  • Listing insight

Buyer insight

Your sales report has more detailed information about buyers (compared to the selected prior period):

  • Total number of distinct buyers who purchased an item from you in the selected time period.
  • Percentage of buyers who made no more than one purchase (of any quantity) from you in the selected time period (One-time buyers)
  • Percentage of repeat buyers who made more than one order from you in the selected time

You can see the absolute numbers and data compared to the selected prior time period.

Sales by eBay category

In the interface of the Seller Hub, you can view sales for up to 20 eBay categories, and in the CSV version of the report you can access up to 80 eBay categories.

Total sales & Selling cost

On this dashboard, you can find your total cost and compare it with a prior similar period. The sales data can be broken down by promoted listing and sales offers efforts. Selling cost can also be seen to check the effectiveness of marketing strategy when bringing products or services to market.

Listing Insight

Search by item title / item number is another feature of Sales Report Plus that has been moved to the Seller Hub and is now available on all eBay sites. The search field is located on the Performance tab > Sales, in the Listings insights module.

Search by item title allows sellers to quickly retrieve sales performance at an individual listings level visually. It is more convenient than accessing the same information within the Listing sales report.

In the module, it is also possible to filter the sales data by ‘Sold via Promoted listings’, ‘Sold via Best offer’, and ‘Sold via Seller initiated offer’. These filters clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the instruments that are used to drive sales.

Traffic Report

The updated tool Traffic Report enables you to see the number of Search and Non-search Impressions, and the percentage of your listings that have been viewed representing the Top 20 search spot impressions. You can evaluate percentage dynamics of impressions and download a detailed report.

Service Metrics

We want to make sure that buyers have a great experience when shopping on eBay, hence, we try to help sellers provide great service for their buyers. We provide sellers with service metrics and peer benchmarks to see how they are performing compared to other sellers. Service metrics is calculated by ‘Item not as described’ ranking and ‘Item not received’ ranking, compared to other sellers who sells similar items. By making small changes, you can help meet or beat customer expectations. With these changes, you may improve your seller level and help increase your sales.

Please note as a Southeast Asia seller, your service metrics will be also calculated by CBT Dashboard. Basically, your Service metrics performance will be calculated by ‘Item not as described’ ranking and ‘Item not received’ ranking compared to other sellers in Southeast Asia who sells similar items. Click here for more details.