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Sailing Beyond Borders: Aeliya Marine Tech's eBay Adventure

In the vibrant city of Bhavnagar, amidst the hustle and bustle, one entrepreneur dared to dream big. Shahnawaz Merchant laid the foundation of Aeliya Marine Tech Private Limited, a hub of innovation specializing in marine automation, industrial automation, TLC, process instrumentation, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

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A New Chapter Unfolds: Nitin Kumar Banka’s eBay Odyssey from Local to Global Success

Nitin Banka won the eBay Exporter of the Year 2023

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Top 10 products to export from india in 2024

eBay is an online marketplace which is known across the world as one that provides a profitable avenue for new as well as established entrepreneurs and businesses to showcase and sell products to international buyers. 

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How To Use Terapeak To Research Best Selling Items

For any business to grow and sustain in this competitive world, the entrepreneur must conduct thorough market analysis to gain insights on consumer demands, product trends, sales performance, pricing, sourcing, buying behaviours, etc. . This helps to identify market opportunities and improve business strategies.

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10 Essential Ways to Deliver Good Customer Service to your Buyers

Even if you have a good product with all the expected features that suit your buyer’s needs, it may not be sufficient if the customer service that you provide is not helpful, reliable, or available to customers when needed. This means that if you don’t provide “quality customer service” then you may not be able to satisfy buyers with merely your product. 

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AD Code (Authorized Dealer): A Step-by-Step Guide to Registration and Format

Authorized Dealer code or also known as the AD Code is a unique 14-digit numeric code which is provided by the bank to sellers where they hold their current account for their import and export business from India.

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How To Sell Jewelry Online (2023 Guide)

Jewelry industry being one of the fastest growing industries, has seen a significant transformation due to the rise in the online sales.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Exporting Products from India

With its rapid economic development, India is consistently growing as an export market. A promising market with a large and skilled workforce has the ability to offer a variety of export products to the world, from textiles and garments, pharmaceuticals, IT services, engineering goods, automobiles and auto components, agricultural products, to jewelry and gems and much more.

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10 Common Customer Service Problems and Their Solutions

Customer service is essentially how you handle the problems faced by your consumers and the strategy you adopt to solve customer problems. 

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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Sell Your Product Online

The last few years (the so-called pandemic or COVID times) have brought everyone closer to the internet; right from shopping for one’s household items to getting schooled online. To an extent, even coming up with creative ideas on how to sell online – whether for products or services – can help generate some revenue.