Top 10 products to export from india in 2024

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Importance of knowing top exported products

Before we discuss the top 10 products exported from India, It is important to understand why an Indian eBay seller should know about the top exported products from India.

Here’s why:

  • Knowing what can be exported and where it can be exported, will give you valuable insights on the customer demands, preferences, market trends, etc.
  • By identifying the products to export from India, you would be able to allocate your resources to ensure optimization and design market strategies  
  • By leveraging eBay’s platform, businesses can target specific markets and expand their reach beyond their current boundaries via Global Expansion
  • Knowledge of key markets helps in lowering the risks when exploring other markets but also increases the chances of profitability.  
  • Keeping yourself updated on what is happening across the globe will keep you competitive. 

Top 10 Exported Products from India

India’s export range displays richness and diversity in goods and services offered by various industries that clearly showcase India’s economic strength and readiness for global competition. 

The top 10 exports from India in 2024 are:

  1. Pharmaceuticals and Medicines
  2. Gems and Jewelry 
  3. Engineering Goods
  4. Textiles and Garments 
  5. Petroleum Products 
  6. Automobiles and Auto Parts
  7. Agriculture and Food Products
  8. Leather and Leather Products
  9. Electronic Goods
  10. Handloom And Cotton Yarns

1. Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

The pharmaceutical industry in India, with a deep-rooted reputation for class and  superiority, has been at the forefront of supplying everyday essential medicines and generic drugs to markets globally.

With the promising growth outlook of the pharmaceutical industry, India is poised to further elevate its export volumes in the near future. Watch this video on the “Health & Beauty Category.

2. Gems and Jewelry 

With a wide range of offerings from Fine Jewelry, Loose Diamond and Gemstones, Lab created or Moissanite jewelry, Men’s Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Gold jewelry and Precious metals and many more unique products to export under this category, India is all set to conquer the global market. 

India sellers on eBay sell in Fine Jewelry category, Loose Diamond and Loose Gemstones, Lab created and Moissanite jewelry, Precious Metal Gold Chain and Bracelets and Fine Silver Jewelry categories mostly in USA, UK and Germany.

Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Opals and Colour Diamonds are best sellers under the category of “Loose Diamond Gemstones” whose average selling price ranges between US$20 to US$1000 and have major buyers from USA, Germany and Australia.

Get category insights on export of “Jewelry & Gems” on eBay from India. 

3. Engineering Goods

Key segments within India’s engineering goods exports include 1) automotive components, 2) machinery, 3) electrical equipment and precision instruments. Exports on eBay from India include Industrial Tools such as PLC Processors, PLC Peripheral Modules, AC Drives and Motor Controls that are mostly supplied from Gujarat and Haryana.

Healthcare, Lab & Dental, which include products such as Dental X-Ray Sensors and Laparoscopic Instruments which are largely supplied from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu.  

Watch the video on detailed category insights for “Business and Industrial” here

4. Textiles and Garments

Textiles and garments industry have a wide and diverse range of products to offer to global buyers which includes cotton textiles, yarn, fabrics and ready-made apparel, which are in high demand globally.

For exports from India on eBay under the sub-category of “Men’s Coats, Jackets and Vests”, Leather Jackets, Hoodies, Thermals and Trench Coats are in high demand. Under “Ethnic Apparels”, items such as Lehenga, Kaftan, Kurta, Salwar Kameez and Sarees have seen an increase in exports in the last two years*. (Note: *Data is as per 2021-2022).

These categories enjoy good demand from global consumers during the festive season. For instance, sarees, salwar, kurta and anarkali have good demand from the USA, UK and other countries. USA, UK, Germany and Australia also have a high demand for laptop bags, duffel bags and biker jackets from India.

Check out this video on Clothing, Shoes and Accessories Category.

5. Petroleum Products

This category includes a wide range of refined fuels and derivatives, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and various petrochemicals, which serve as crucial sources of energy and raw materials for industries worldwide. Today India ranks as the fourth largest global refining hub in the world after the United States, China and Russia.

6. Automobiles and Auto Parts 

Key reasons that propel India to the position of an emerging player in the exports of Automobiles and Auto parts are:

  • India offers economical advantages in terms of production costs, including labor, raw materials and overhead expenses.
  • India’s skilled workforce contributes to efficient production of automobiles and high-quality auto parts, meeting universal standards and customer requirements.
  • India boasts of an established and robust manufacturing infrastructure for automobiles and auto parts, including state-of-the-art facilities, industrial parks, and special economic zones.

If we look at the focus categories for exports on eBay from India then Engine parts which include Piston Rings and Cylinder Heads have the largest demand for cars, two-wheelers, trucks and tractors. 

Headlamps and tail-lights are mostly sold under the “Headlight Assembly” and their supply is mostly done from Delhi NCR. The subcategory of Transmission and Drivetrain, Driveshafts and Axles are mostly exported from Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Watch this video on “Auto Parts & Accessories Category Insights”. 

7. Agriculture and Food Products

India is a country that has bountiful agricultural products that are sought by global consumers ranging from aromatic spices, pulses, grains, exotic fruits, etc.  

The key segments within Agriculture and Food Products exports from India include rice, wheat, spices, fruits, vegetables, tea, coffee, processed foods and beverages. 

8. Leather and Leather Products

With a dazzling variety of leather products to offer such as footwear, bags, wallets, belts, accessories, men’s and women’s jackets, coats, etc, India has already established itself as a leading exporter of high-quality leather goods, catering to discerning consumers worldwide.

9. Electronic Goods

The rapid increase in exports from India on eBay of Electronic Goods can be attributed to several reasons such as:

  • Innovation, technological progress, changing consumer preferences, and increasing demand for electronic goods in the international market
  • Electronic goods play a crucial role in several high growth sectors such as telecommunications, information technology, healthcare, automotive and consumer electronics.  

10. Handloom And Cotton Yarns

The exports of handloom fabrics, sarees, dupattas, stoles as well as cotton yarns covers a wide range of products such as woven fabrics by hand including Banarasi silk, cotton yarns, Kanjeevaram sarees and Khadi cloth among others. The traditional Indian handloom industry also includes contemporary designs with blends of traditional and synthetic fabrics for today’s consumers.

What are the necessary documents required for exporting products from India?

Let’s look at the key steps to kickstart exports from India:

  • Obtain required licenses, approvals or permits, business registrations, 
  • Comply with quality standards and various country-wise safety norms,
  • Obtain export documentation such as importer-exporter certificate (IEC), Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN), Permanent Account Number (PAN), etc.
  • Arrange logistics and shipment procedures
  • Obtain documentation for customs clearance and managing payments of export duties or taxes.

Read our blog on A Comprehensive Guide to Exporting Products from India to know more about how you can get started. 

Watch this video for registration on eBay to export from India. 


eBay presents an excellent platform to Indian businesses for exports. By exploiting India’s strengths in fields like clothing, electronics and medicine, businesses can make use of eBay’s portal to launch themselves in the international marketplace. Indian exporters can use this information about markets as well as smart planning to establish a solid presence on eBay by opening up new export destinations. This will enable them to grow more rapidly and become successful in an accelerated way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any specific industries or sectors dominating India’s export market in 2024?

In 2024, there are several industries or sectors that are likely to dominate India’s export market such as gems and jewelry, pharmaceuticals and medicines, engineering goods, textiles and garments, automobiles and auto parts. 

Which export products are expected to be the most profitable from India?

Several factors determine the sustainability and profitability of any product such as the trends, demands, market growth rate, location, pricing, demographic conditions etc. 

How can I identify the most profitable export products from India this year?

eBay’s Terapeak Research Tool is an exclusive eBay insights tool for market analysis and buyer trends.

Are there any government initiatives or policies influencing the export of specific products from India?

Yes, the Indian government has implemented various initiatives and policies to promote exports in specific categories with tax holidays special economic zones. We would recommend connecting with the appropriate government department to know the detailed benefits. 

What factors should I consider when deciding which products to export from India this year?

You need to consider factors such as: market trends, demands, competitive landscape, market size, export regulations and compliance. 

What resources or tools can help me conduct market research to choose the right products for export from India?

You can choose to explore resources such as trade publications and industry reports, government websites and trade portals and market research databases.