Third Party Service Providers

Some “Third Party Providers” on eBay offer services that may help you run your eBay business. 

These are services that complement the functionality of the eBay site such as listings, inventory and order management, shipping and fulfillment services, e-commerce platforms, and much more.

Third-Party Providers tap into the power of the eBay Developers Program to create tailored software interfaces that power their services and allow sellers like you to manage their eBay business.

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Tool for Indian Sellers

Taxation & Compliance


Vakilsearch is a provider of legal, accountancy, company secretarial and trademark services in India. Speak to Vakilsearch now for queries on trademark registration, taxation, import and export and cross border compliance.

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Listing & Inventory Management

eBaymag is a free tool developed by eBay for its sellers. eBaymag is an effective way to manage your listings, to sell items abroad, to coordinate orders routine and to reach out to new shoppers worldwide.

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Ecomlisters is a third party authorized tool used by eBay sellers in India providing several features to successfully list and sell items on eBay

Webinterpret provides automated translation & and localization solutions to boost visibility and sales by eBay sellers on international eBay markets.

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Spyne is helping businesses create high-quality product images at scale with AI at a fraction of cost and time. No studio. No photography skills. No complex processes. Shoot directly from your phone and get studio level images within 24 hours.

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Valuable insights

Please note: that you are leaving eBay’s webpages and are about to enter the webpages of independent service providers/content providers. While such independent service providers may provide their advice or guidance on your eBay account(s), such advice or guidance is solely informational and you may decide to follow it or not. eBay has no control over and does not guarantee that such services from independent service providers raise or improve sellers’ ability to sell items. eBay assumes no liability for any content available in independent service provider’s webpages. You shall not hold eBay or its affiliates or their employees, officers and representatives, liable for use of services of independent service providers. You must not disclose any of your confidential or sensitive information in any manner whatsoever. eBay takes no responsibility and assumes no liability in any manner whatsoever, for any loss or damage arising from or relating to the services provided by independent service provider and availed by you, at your sole and absolute discretion, for your eBay selling accounts or otherwise.