Sailing Beyond Borders: Aeliya Marine Tech's eBay Adventure

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In the vibrant city of Bhavnagar, amidst the hustle and bustle, one entrepreneur dared to dream big. Shahnawaz Merchant laid the foundation of Aeliya Marine Tech Private Limited, a hub of innovation specializing in marine automation, industrial automation, TLC, process instrumentation, hydraulics, and pneumatics.

Recognizing the vast potential of online marketplaces, particularly eBay, Shahnawaz Merchant took a bold step back in 2015. Despite the limited online options available at the time, he saw an opportunity to connect businesses worldwide. With unwavering determination, he swiftly listed Aeliya Marine Tech's products on eBay, opening doors to over 100 countries.



How did eBay become a game-changer for you?

Line under the photos: “Venturing into international sales was no easy feat, especially with communication limited to emails. However, eBay proved to be a game-changer with its seamless efficiency and credibility. Within no time, Aeliya Marine Tech found itself on a rapid expansion, thanks to eBay's global platform.”

With eBay's inherent trust factor, Aeliya Marine Tech gained credibility among buyers worldwide, fostering seamless transactions and nurturing long-term partnerships. The platform's simplicity and efficiency streamlined the purchasing process, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving repeat business.


How many countries do you export your products to?

Line under the photo: We sell to more than 100 countries. Our top importer is USA, 2nd is Middle East, 3rd is EU and 4th is Singapore followed by the rest of the world.

The journey hasn’t been one without challenges. Initially, steep courier charges hindered international expansion. Fortunately, eBay's Global Shipping Program (EGS) revolutionized the entire shipping process, providing significant discounts. By leveraging EGS, Aeliya Marine Tech accessed preferential shipping rates and discounts, enabling swift and cost-effective delivery of its lightweight products to customers worldwide.

What makes eBay stand out is its simplicity and efficiency. The seamless payment process facilitated swift transactions, allowing buyers from any corner of the world to purchase products within seconds. This efficiency not only streamlined the purchasing process but also enhanced customer satisfaction, contributing to repeat business and brand loyalty.


Do you have any message for sellers who are just starting their business or are reluctant to sell abroad?

Line under the photo: “Yes, eBay empowers small sellers like us to compete on a global scale from day one, levelling the playing field and amplifying our reach. If you’re a small seller, you can set up a shop and start selling from the next day.

To sellers like Shahnawaz Merchant, eBay offers more than just a marketplace; it's a global stage where small sellers can compete on an equal footing from day one. With minimal barriers to entry, eBay empowers individuals to showcase their products and reach a global audience effortlessly.

Aeliya Marine Tech's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of eBay on B2B sales strategies. By harnessing eBay's global platform, Aeliya Marine Tech has successfully expanded its reach, forged valuable partnerships, and cemented its position as a trusted provider of marine and industrial solutions worldwide. As the global marketplace continues to evolve, eBay remains a cornerstone of Aeliya Marine Tech's growth and success in the dynamic world of B2B commerce.