Kaip išvardyti savo prekes

Kaip sukurti skelbimą: nurodymai pažingsniui

Skelbimo sukūrimas – tai pirmasis jūsų prekės žingsnis pas pirkėjus. Sužinokite, kaip sukurti prekės skelbimą ir raskite atsakymus į dažnai užduodamus klausimus apie „eBay“ skelbimų kūrimą.

How to create a listing on eBay

Rules and restrictions in selling: items categories and number of listings

In these articles you'll learn what can't be sold on eBay, and which items are restricted on international eBay sites, how many listings can the new sellers create, and how to increase your selling limit.

How to end a listing

You can end a listing early in certain situations. For example, if you discover that an item you’re selling is damaged. Learn how to end a listing and when you can do it.

How to revise a listing

You can usually make changes to your eBay listings, but there are some restrictions depending on what you want to change and when.

How to price your items

Listing your items at the right price will help them sell. It’s important to set a price that’s both fair for you and attractive to your buyer. Explore some ways that can help you determine the optimal price.

Selling through auctions

Listing in auction-style format works well if you want to let buyers decide what your item is worth. Read this article to learn how to set up an auction and what fees will apply.

How to relist items

If your item doesn’t sell, eBay can automatically relist it for you and get it back in front of buyers. It’s also possible to relist your item manually if you need to — for example, if you ended your listing early for some reason but now you want to put it back up on eBay. Read this article to learn more about relisting items.

How to cancel bids and manage bidders

As a seller, sometimes you may need to cancel bids that have been placed on your auction-style listings, for example; when a buyer requests bid cancellation, when the item isn’t available anymore, if you made an error in the listing, or if you’re concerned the bidder might be fraudulent. Read this article to learn how to cancel bids and block certain bidders.