SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate Policy for cross-border transactions of Sri Lankan sellers with items shipped from China

What you need to know

Certain items located in China must be shipped using SpeedPAK (eBay’s cross-border shipping solution for deliveries originating from Greater China) or other eBay-approved shipping solutions.

Additionally, sellers who offer SpeedPAK as a shipping option for listings that ship to selected countries must ensure that they fulfil the orders using the buyer’s selected SpeedPAK service.

What is SpeedPAK?

SpeedPAK is the shipping solution jointly developed by eBay and its business strategic partner, Orange Connex, specifically for cross-border deliveries originating from Greater China. SpeedPAK offers fast handling and delivery times and has fully been integrated with eBay’s platform. Items shipped through SpeedPAK are protected by eBay’s relevant policies.

For more information about SpeedPAK, please click here. Please note that first you have to register and validate an account on eDIS (eBay’s eDelivery International Shipping platform) before using SpeedPAK services.

What are the criteria & requirements for the SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate Policy?

The SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate Policy consists of 3 components:

  1. SpeedPAK Adoption
  2. SpeedPAK Misuse
  3. SpeedPAK Exceptions

SpeedPAK Adoption

  • Certain items located in China must be shipped using SpeedPAK or an eBay-approved shipping solution (listed below).
  • The shipping solution (e.g. SpeedPAK) and service (i.e. Economy/Standard/Expedited) adopted must correspond to your buyer’s selected shipping option.
  • Tracking numbers must be uploaded to eBay within your listing’s specified handling time.

Criteria for Evaluated Transactions

Evaluation Module Listing Site Item location in China and shipping to Item Price ** Compliance Ratio
1 Destination country respective site*** Germany / France / Italy / Spain >EUR 150 (not including shipping) 100%
2 ebay.com United States No minimum Value 90%
3 ebay.co.uk United Kingdom No minimum Value 90%
4 ebay.de Germany <=EUR 150 (not including shipping) 90%
5 ebay.com.au Australia >AUD 8 90%
6 Any Canada*, France, Italy, Spain  Varies by listing site:
  • ebay.com:>USD 6;
  • ebay.co.uk:>GBP 5;
  • ebay.de / ebay.fr / ebay.it / ebay.es: >EUR 5; (not including transaction in evaluation module 1)
  • ebay.com.au>AUD 8;
  • ebay.ca>CAD 8;
  • all other listing sites:>USD 6
* For transactions shipped to Canada, packages with a total value above CAD20 will be excluded from evaluation.
**Item price inclusive of shipping fees.


Destination & Transaction value Compliance Requirement
United States, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany
  1. For the transactions in evaluation module 2, 3, 4, and 5, seller needs to offer SpeedPAK shipping option and buyer selects SpeedPAK shipping option or other approved express logistics option.
  2. For evaluation module 1, i.e. direct shipping products sold to Germany, France, Italy and Spain with unit price of higher than 150 euros (excluding shipping fees), seller can only offer SpeedPAK DDU shipping option or Express shipping option, the compliance ratio is 100%
  3. The transaction of evaluation module 6 has no requirement for shipping options
  4. Adopt SpeedPAK or SpeedPAK+ services (SpeedPAK+ services include express services, DHL, UPS, and FedEx, and Standard service EMS). Services adopted must correspond to your buyer’s selected shipping option.
  5. Provide an acceptance scan recorded within your listing’s specified handling time.

Minimum Compliance Level

Sellers are expected to meet the minimum compliance criteria below

Germany / France / Italy / SpainUnited StatesUnited KingdomGermanyAustraliaCanada, France, Italy, Spain
(Evaluation Module 1)(Evaluation
Module 2)
(Evaluation Module 3)(Evaluation Module 4)(Evaluation Module 5)(Evaluation Module 6)

SpeedPAK Misuse

Criteria for evaluated transactions Compliance Requirement Minimum Compliance Level
Transactions where the buyer has selected a SpeedPAK shipping option (regardless of item value or item location)
  1. Adopt SpeedPAK when fulfilling the order. The shipping solution (e.g. SpeedPAK) and service (i.e. Economy/Standard/Expedited) adopted must correspond to your buyer’s selected shipping option.
  2. Provide an acceptance scan recorded
  3. Failure to comply with the above requirements constitutes SpeedPAK Misuse.

SpeedPAK Exceptions

Liquids, powders, and other items that cannot be shipped by SpeedPAK, are exempted from SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate Policy evaluation. If you receive an account restriction due to these non-shippable items, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service, and apply for an appeal. If the appeal is granted, your non-shippable items will no longer be evaluated under the SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate in the future.

Approved List of Shipping Services Under the SpeedPAK Shipping Mandate Policy

Destination: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Spain

Service Name Carrier Name eBay listing Tracking Number Format Service Level
Expedited Standard Economy
FedEx Worldwide Services FedEx All sites 12 digits Yes Yes Yes
DHL Express Services DHL All sites 10 digits Yes Yes Yes
UPS International Shipping Services UPS All sites H+10 digits or 1Z+6 digits and letters combinations +10 digits or 1Z+8 digits and letter combinations +8 digits Yes Yes Yes
SpeedPAK (Standard Service) eBay eDIS Platform Tracking number will be automatically uploaded on eBay; no action is required by sellers. For sellers who upload tracking numbers via API, please set the carrier name to SpeedPAK. ES+26 digits and letters combinations No Yes Yes
China Post EMS China Post All sites CX/CY+9 digits +CN orE+1 letter+9 digits +CN No Yes Yes
Hong Kong Post EMS Hong Kong Post All sites EA/EB/EE/EG+9 digits +HK No Yes Yes
SpeedPAK (Economy Service) eBay eDIS Platform Tracking number will be automatically uploaded on eBay; no action is required by sellers. For sellers who upload tracking numbers via API, please set the carrier name to SpeedPAK. EE+26 digits and letters combinations No No Yes
SpeedPAK (Lite Service)

Evaluation Frequency

Qualifying transactions will be evaluated every Sunday, with an evaluation window starting on the evaluation date minus 21 days and ending on the evaluation date minus 4 days. You will receive a performance report via email every week after each evaluation. For illustration, if the evaluation date is August 28, 2022, the evaluation window will be as follows:

Picture 1.png


Can I use SpeedPAK to ship products containing lithium-ion batteries or liquids?

These products cannot be shipped by SpeedPAK, and the corresponding transactions will be exempt from evaluation. If the relevant transactions are evaluated and result in your account being restricted, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service.

SpeedPAK offers a range of services. Can I ship the orders randomly with any SpeedPAK services?

Sellers must ship their orders using the shipping solution (i.e. SpeedPAK or other approved shipping solution) and service level (i.e. Economy/Standard/Expedited) corresponding to the buyer’s selected shipping option, regardless of the item’s value. In other words, if you have offered SpeedPAK in your listing and the buyer has selected Standard service delivery, you must fulfil the order using SpeedPAK’s Standard service; using a different shipping solution or service level would be considered non-compliant.

SpeedPAK is not available in my shipping location in China. Will my account still be evaluated under this policy?

Since May 1, 2019, SpeedPAK has expanded its coverage to 185 cities across China. However, if SpeedPAK is still not available in your location, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service.

I am currently using ePacket to ship my products from China. Will those transactions be considered compliant under this policy?

No, to ensure a great delivery experience for our buyers, we only support SpeedPAK or one of the approved shipping services.

I am currently using a logistics provider that provides acceptance and delivery scans. Although this company is not in eBay’s approved list, will such transactions be considered compliant if their performance is reliable?

No, using an unapproved shipping service may result in your account being evaluated as non-compliant.

I used SpeedPAK, but the tracking number is not visible on eBay. What should I do?

For sellers who use SpeedPAK via eBay’s eDIS platform, the tracking number is automatically uploaded to eBay once generated, so no action is required by the seller. For sellers who use SpeedPAK via third party software API, you may wish to check your settings to ensure the carrier's name is configured as SpeedPAK.

How do I check my performance?

You will receive a weekly performance e-mail regarding your shipping performance evaluation result.

What should I do if I do not receive the e-mail notification?

Please check that you are subscribed to e-mail communications under My eBay. If you are still facing issues, please contact Customer Support.

My selling limits have been reduced. How do I restore them?

eBay will evaluate all qualifying transactions weekly. When your account has met the minimum requirement in the next evaluation window, your selling limits may be partially or fully restored.

I am an eBay Top Rated Seller with excellent shipping performance. Will I be exempted from this policy?

We thank you and value your commitment to deliver a great shipping experience for our buyers. However, all Sri Lankan sellers must comply with the requirements stated above.

Will the refunded transactions be part of this evaluation?

Cancelled transactions are excluded from evaluation. However, refunded transactions will still be evaluated.

I have multiple eBay accounts. How does the enforcement action work? Would all my accounts be subject to the enforcement action, or would the action only apply to the specific account that does not meet the policy requirements?

Our evaluations are based on individual account performance. Only accounts that fail to meet the minimum compliance level of this policy may be subject to enforcement action.

The selling limits of my account have been reduced, even though I have met the policy requirements. What should I do?

You may submit an appeal to our Customer Support team if you can show that these conditions have been satisfied:

  1. You used an eBay-approved shipping service with parcel tracking service.
  2. The acceptance scan from the shipping provider is recorded within your listing’s promised handling time.
  3. The correct tracking information was uploaded to eBay (the carrier’s name must be accurate, and the tracking number must be valid without errors or extra characters).
  4. Your buyer selected SpeedPAK or other approved express shipping option (only applicable to US/UK/DE/AU corridors).

Please contact eBay Customer Support team and provide the supporting evidence of the relevant transactions in the format below:

Item IDItem PriceTracking NumberCarrier Name

If you are not shipping the item from China, please change the item location to the correct shipping location.

It usually takes 7-10 business days for the appeal to be processed. We ask for your patience and will inform you of the appeal decision.