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Come explore the stories of people who sell on eBay

The heart and soul of eBay are the tens of millions of people that sell on our platform. They are a diverse, dedicated and endlessly passionate group of individuals. Some have faced adversity or doubt and overcome odds with eBay’s help, others have walked away from traditional careers to pursue their dream of becoming successful business owners. Come explore the stories that breathe color into our marketplace.

Galya Pistaletka

Street Wave, Russia

Street Wave does art painting of clothes, shoes and bags. Brand was first discovered five years ago in Moscow when its owner, Galya Pistaletka realized how boring are the regular shoes. It all began with single orders but afterwards it developed to a full store on eBay and gained numerous partnerships with luxurious brands.

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Alexander Nikolov

US Top Sells, Bulgaria

He is a Bulgarian firefighter. He is national record holder and Balkan Firefighter games champion. He was Sofia city region firefighter of the year. His name is Alexander Nikolov and he is one proud and happy eBay seller!

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Stelios Anapolitakis

Stelios Motorradladen, Greece

During the economic crisis in Greece, Stelios Anapolitakis tried selling on eBay. It helped his family business not only to survive, but also to grow and sell to people all over the world.

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Andrea Varga

Postcardsfantasy, Cluj, Romania

Andrea and her husband have turned their passion for collecting postcards into a thriving business on eBay.

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Barna Sooki

Cycle Machine Works, Hungary

Passionate motorcycle parts designer Barna Sooki set up his business on eBay in Canada and continues to grow after moving back to Hungary his motherland

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Fedor Stetskevich and Andrey Kondukhov

Clinched, Moscow, Russia

Passionate about car design, Fedor and Andrey decided to sell to the world through eBay. Just a few years later, they opened a second studio in Los Angeles to keep up with demand.

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Lilia Koleva

Crafts and Roses, Bulgaria

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Oleg Rodnin

Oberton-pro, Russia

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Ovidiu Stroescu

Soundclub, Bucharest, Romania

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Olga Lavrenko

Style-Rus, Russia

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Giorgio Bolzoni 6-HPGy.jpg

Giorgio Bolzoni

giorgiocollection1963, Hungary

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Shungite russia 10.jpg

Dmitriy Dvornikov, Russia

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Arnold Kinkal

Kinkal Brass, Czech Republic

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Artem Savateev_SAVA8752.jpg

Mikhail Syrnichenko, Ayrat Haidarov

mv-tuning, Russia

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Oskars Pūne, Latvia

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Roni & Naama pic3.jpeg

Rony and Naama Kroogliak

Flower Rainbow, Israeli

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Daniel Dahan

Diana Rafael, Israeli

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Iván Blazquez

Tropical Plantae, Porto Rico

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André Magalhães

Brazil Shop, Brasil

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Bernardo Brum

RetroMotorTeile, Uruguay

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Shantal Larrain

Auto Diagnostic, Chile

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Isabel Durán & Guillermo González

Mex-Mask, Mexico

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Marthangela Di Ciero

The Patch Lab, Mexico

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Alejandro Monroy

Alex200373, Mexico

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Juan Manuel Sánchez

The Collection Experts, Colômbia

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Jeep Antallaktika

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