How to Sell More

Create effective listings, consistently deliver outstanding customer service, monitor your service metrics and peer benchmarks, and we'll help you increase your sales on eBay.

How to Optimize Your Listings

What do you need to do to make sure that your listing attracts the buyer's attention? Learn how to optimize your listing and make it competitive, how to increase your listing visibility in search results and, even more importantly, take the perfect photo and give detailed item information. Read about all the secrets of effective listings in our guides.


Seller Levels and Sales

We have put certain performance standards in place for sellers. It helps us to consistently deliver outstanding customer service to buyers and meet their expectations. Find out how we evaluate your performance and get a number of benefits and advantages for outstanding customer service.


Active and Passive International Selling on eBay

You can sell your items directly on eBay's international sites or reach buyers from all over the world with listings on ebay.com. So choose the best way for you — active or passive international selling on eBay.