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Rolandas Tarnauskas, Deimante Sejonaite, Ernesta Grigaravičiūtė

  • Exporter of the Year award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2023 ceremony
  • Decade of Excellence award winner at the eBay Exporter of the Year 2022 ceremony
  • Exporter of the Year award winner at the eBay Exporter of the year 2022 ceremony

POPPRI Fashion Auctions, Lithuania

Poppri Fashion Auctions from Lithuania is one of eBay’s most frequent guest and winner at the ceremony! They specialize in offering a diverse range of refurbished luxury fashion items exclusively through eBay auctions, with over 15 years of success on eBay selling across all big markets constantly reaching double digit GMV in millions.

Deimante Sejonaite, Rolandas Tarnauskas, Ernesta Grigaravičiūtė.png

POPPRI Fashion Auctions store sells collection leftovers of world-famous fashion brands by auction. It was created in the small town of Siesikai, which has 300 inhabitants. Three years later, the store moved to Ukmerge, and by 2021 the team had grown from 30 to 120 employees.

eBay makes it possible to sell all over the world, and they successfully leverage it. 95% of their items are exported to more than 100 countries. eBay is a platform that enables the POPPRI Fashion Auctions team to work locally and trade globally. Their main focus is on the clients and their reviews because this is what helps their business grow and develop.

“We chose eBay as our strategic partner not only because it's the biggest Internet auction platform in the world but also because it has a well-designed and dynamic review system that allows clients to assess sellers upon objective criteria which cannot be falsified,” says Deimante.

The team of POPPRI Fashion Auctions does not manipulate product descriptions of photographs to artificially enhance product features for the sake of a higher price or a one-off sale. They believe that telling the truth is the basis of trust, thus they always create item descriptions that correspond to reality. Today the store has a 100% client satisfaction rate on eBay.

“The pandemic highlighted our strengths and our ability to constantly adapt and change for the sake of the company’s goals. The story of our business has shown that eBay is a platform where it is possible to bring your dreams to life even if you are from a tiny town,” says Rolandas.