Rony and Naama Kroogliak

Flower Rainbow

Flower Rainbow, Israel

Rony and Naama Kroogliak are a married couple and parents to 10 year-old Ariel. They've dedicated years of their lives to academic studies. Little did they know that both of them will abandon their majors and devote themselves to their true passion: jewelry design.

רוני ונעמה קרוגליאק קרדיט צילום עצמי 2.PNG

Naama learned Archeology, and Rony studied Political Science, but right after they got their degrees, they realized they enjoy designing and making jewelry. After years of selling their goods in fairs around Israel, they now realize that the future of their business lies in eBay!

The couple create artisan jewelry, specializing in body jewelry, which are piercing jewelry for your ears, nose and other intimate body parts. They also make fine jewelry, including rings, earrings and necklaces from silver and gold, studded in gemstones.

After a decade of jewelry design, during which Naama has graduated from a goldsmiths course in Shenkar, the couple realize their growth potential is online. For them, eBay is the ideal platform for their business export activity, which is the best router for expansion.

For about six years after opening their business, Rony and Naama have sold their jewelry in artist fairs. They even had a regular stand in the Tahana area in Jerusalem for the last couple of years. The coronavirus plague has forced them to change their plans, but they can see the opportunity in it, as well. They were forced to close the Jerusalem stand and expand their online activity, which they started four years ago. As sellers, they say, eBay is the best, safest platform available.

The first piece of jewelry they sold on eBay was a hair pin, which went for $5. That was in 2016. Still, just 8 months ago, the couple invested in expanding their global activity and open an eBay store. They enrolled in the business plan, got support from eBay's experts, and the rest is history.

The store was launched within two weeks, and they expand and develop it each day. "We upload a new listing every day", says Rony. "We add new jewelry every day, and we develop and build the store every day, too. The potential we've found on eBay is enormous. From the day we opened the store, it only took two weeks to get our first sale. Revenue has been increasing every month and we have been growing by thousands of percent. We are happy to say we enjoy an economic boom, with an income of thousands of Shekels per month".

Rony also talks about going global: "We sell from Israel mainly to the US, Australia, England and to exotic places like Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan -countries they could not probably reach. The Israeli audience is also buying from us, and eBay has exposed us to Israeli buyers who didn't know about our stand in Jerusalem, but have discovered us online".

"We can safely say that the coronavirus 'helped' a lot of businesses to go online. That's the only open place right now, and it allowed us to create an opportunity in a time of crisis. We have a monthly revenue of thousands of Shekels from our eBay activity, which we didn't have a year ago. It's a great source of income for us, and we intend to make our online store the center of our business activity. You can say that eBay has saved our livelihood", says Rony.