Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Germany

Starting July 1, 2022, all eBay sellers who ship orders to Germany must abide by the German Packaging Act (also known as VerpackG or German EPR Law). These regulations focus on sustainability and help to prevent and manage waste. As a marketplace operator, eBay is legally required to verify the compliance and impose restrictions on non-compliant sellers.

The German Packaging Act requires every distributor who uses packaging for their products and sells them to end consumers in Germany to abide by a set of rules. Since July 1, 2022 these regulations also apply to all eBay sellers shipping orders to German buyers.

The German EPR law imposes three obligations on sellers:

  • to license their packaging with a dual system waste management provider;
  • to register in the German packaging register LUCID run by the Central Packaging Register Office (ZSVR);
  • to report the name of the dual system and licensed packaging volumes to LUCID.

eBay is legally obligated to verify sellers’ compliance and apply selling restrictions to those who don’t abide by this law. They won’t be able to list their items on ebay.de, and regardless of what eBay site they list on, the new regulations will apply with respect to buyers with German addresses.

How to license your packaging

To facilitate the registration process, eBay has brought in its experienced partner Lizenzero. If you are not yet compliant with the German EPR law, Lizenzero offers a straightforward way to license your packaging digitally using the Interseroh+ system. You can learn more on Lizenzero’s eBay service page.

How to register your packaging according to the German EPR law:

  1. License your packaging with Interseroh+ via Lizenzero
  2. Register in LUCID and get your EPR number. Lizenzero lets you open an account without the number, but it should be provided as soon as possible.
  3. Enter the packaging volumes you have licensed and your dual system into the LUCID Packaging Register.

To register in LUCID, you need to provide:

  • your company name, address, and contact details;
  • your VAT / Tax ID;
  • a declaration that your packaging is licensed with a dual system.

The German EPR law is meant to reduce packaging waste and improve recycling rates. Compliance with these regulations ensures more sustainability in e-commerce.


I’ve already got an EPR code from another organization. Do I have to register with Lizenzero now?

No, you don’t have to do it. But you still need to register in LUCID using your existing EPR code, your company information, and your VAT / Tax ID.

Do I need to add my EPR code to my listings?

No, but you have to add the LUCID ID to the corresponding text field.

Will eBay check the validity of the EPR information in my listings?

Starting July 1, 2022, eBay regularly validates this information for each seller.

If you still have questions, please contact the Lizenzero team.