Contact Center

Find out how you can reach eBay to ask questions and share feedback, and when our contact center may proactively contact you.


If you need help with your eBay account, eBay promotions, rules or policies, please reach out to the
eBay Customer Service


If you need help with eBaymag, consult the eBaymag Help Center and FAQ section, or use the contact form in the bottom right corner of the eBaymag page.

The eBay for Business contact center may call to help enhance your business by:

  • notifying you about promo offers;
  • offering you targeted measures for improving your sales;
  • inviting you to workshops and other eBay events.

We recommend you to save the following phone numbers* in your phone book if you don’t want to miss important news.

+370 52527151
+370 60359604
+30 2112345016

*Callback to these numbers is not available.