Who needs the service?

Any eBay seller from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia, or Macedonia.

What is this service?

A1POST can handle your international delivery challenges and simplify the process. Through our platform you can add your marketplace's profiles and manage all your orders in one place. Eliminate human error by manually copy/pasting  the address, batch label printing, add tracking information to marketplaces and much more — everything in a single dashboard.

The unique offer for eBay sellers

All eBay sellers are welcome to open an account in A1POST system, integrate their shops for free and enjoy discounted shipping rates of up to 10% for packages below 2kg. For 2+kg packages, customers will receive a 75% discount of standard UPS shipping rates to EU (Standard ground shipping) and Expedited service for countries outside EU, as well as a free consulting with an A1POST account manager. After the 2 month trial period, for customers who have less than 200 packages per month, the special discount will be removed.


✉️ cs@a1post.bg

📞 +359 888 00 78 00

Online chat support is available on the website.