How returns work

Find out how an item return offer can increase your listing’s conversion rate, what options for return conditions are available, and how to minimize real returns.


How to set up a return policy

Detailed step-by-step instructions on working in the Sell Your Item form, setting up basic and advanced conditions for returning.


Refunding buyers

Sometimes sellers have to refund buyers, for example, if an item is not as described, or is lost in shipping, or returned to the seller. Learn how refunds work.

What to do if a buyer has not paid for the item

Sometimes buyers do not pay for the purchased items right away. In a situation like this, you can remind them yourself by sending an invoice or you can cancel the order. Using this guide, you can also set up automatic cancellation of unpaid orders.

How sellers can cancel an order

In some cases, a seller may have to cancel an order — for example, if a buyer has sent a cancellation request or hasn't paid for an item in time. Learn how to cancel an order and how it can affect your performance on eBay.