Payoneer Know Your Customer (“KYC”) Document Hygiene Checklist

The second last step of eBay seller registration process is to complete the Payoneer document verification. However, at times this process may get delayed due to various factors. Here are some best practices that you should follow to ensure a hassle-free verification process.

When submitting a proof of identity:

Good practice:

  • Make sure the PAN card/passport is in the - authorized representative’s name only
  • While submitting Aadhaar , make sure the front and the back side of the card is printed on the same page
  • Always submit a colour copy of the original document wherein the details are clearly legible
  • If the identity proof has an expiration date, it should be clearly displayed
  • While uploading - the selfie image, make sure - authorized representative’s face is clearly visible holding the proof of identity in one hand and the other hand should hold a handwritten piece of paper containing the current date in the MM/DD/YYYY format
  • Always use a flat color background (e.g. a white wall) for better image clarity

Please avoid:

  • Submitting photocopy or scanned or digital copy of the ID
  • Cropping the edges and submitting unclear/blurry/low quality images
  • Keeping the flash on or covering the information while taking photos using mobile phones
  • Submitting expired/cut/torn documents

When submitting a proof of address:

Good practice:

  • Make sure the bank statement and utility bill is of the - authorized representative
  • Authorized representative’s address details match the bank statement
  • Submit bank statement/utility bill i.e. of the last 3 months containing the owner’s name and the exact address used when registering on Payoneer
  • Bank statement should be in PDF format only and of the complete month
  • In case of collecting the bank statement printout directly from bank then the scanned PDF copy should be duly signed and stamped by the bank
  • In case the bank clarifies on any difference in information, provide the bank’s clarification letter written on the bank’s letter head duly stamped and signed
  • Rental agreement needs to contain the owner’s name and exact address used when registering to Payoneer, containing the rental period

Please avoid:

  • Submitting bank statement of company or business
  • Uploading a password protected bank statement pdf
  • Submitting documents that have a different address other than the address used when registering on Payoneer
  • Rental agreements, lease agreement, leave and license agreement older than 11 months
  • Submitting expired/cut/torn/ unclear documents
  • Providing copy of bank passbooks or cancelled cheques as proof of address

Please keep in mind:

  • Acceptable formats in high-resolution include:
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • PDF
  • Ensure each document is under 3MB

Still have doubts on Payoneer KYC documentation? Click here to read the frequently asked questions. The Verification Center within your Payoneer Account will let you know the account status as well as the pending document requirements.

Connect with the Payoneer customer care team in case you need further assistance.