Promoted listings promotion:
terms and conditions

What is the promotion?

Sellers who have been invited to participate by email will receive a credit to the Promote Your Listings fees they have incurred during the Promotion Period.

The credit amount will be calculated as 60% of the total Promote Your Listings fees applied to Sellers’ account during the Promotion Period, but not more than 1000 USD. In order to qualify for the credit,items must have been sold using the Promote Your Listings service, and as such, would have an associated Promote Your Listings fee based on the advertising percentage rate selected. All other fees still apply. Promote Your Listings service must be used on Promote Your Listings advertising fees will be charged as customary, but will be credited within 60 days after the Promotion period for successfully sold items.

Who is eligible?

Participation is linked to the seller’s account and is non-transferable.
Sellers must be registered as a resident in one of the below stated countries*.

Sellers need to promote a specific amount of additional listings which is indicated in their invite.

The specific amount of listings in promoted listings should be live for 30 days or more, unless sold earlier. 

Only sellers who have an eBay seller account and have placed their credit card on file are eligible.

Only sellers who are PayPal Verified are eligible.

Only sellers whose accounts meet eBay’s minimum seller performance standards in each region (i.e., in all 4 programs: UK, US, DE, Global) are eligible. Please view your Seller Dashboard to verify whether your account is currently meeting the standards.

To take part in this promotion, sellers must have been invited to participate. Sellers that have been invited to participate will have received an email. Please refer to «How do I get the Promotional Rate?» and «Summary of Restrictions & Exclusions» for more details.

When is it?

The promotion Period  starts from the moment when a seller receives the email with promotional offer.The Promotion Period ends on  December 31st 2020 (“Promotion Period”). 

Once sellers receive the invite they can start to promote their listings. The credit will only apply to Promote Your Listings fees incurred during the Promotion period for the additional listings. Any Promote Your Listings campaigns launched outside the Promotion Period will not be eligible for this promotion.

Summary of Restrictions & Exclusions

Please take time to read the full terms for all the details.

This promotion is valid only for Promote Your Listings advertising fees of the additional listings added to accounts PL as part of this promo.

Any Promote Your Listings campaigns launched outside the Promotion period are not eligible for this promotion.

Any sellers who have NOT been invited to participate are not eligible.

Any sellers with accounts that are «Suspended» and/or «on hold» are excluded.

Only fixed price listings are eligible.

This Promotional Offer excludes:

any listings that don’t comply with our listing policies or prohibited and restricted items policies;

any item listed during the promotional period but scheduled to start after the promotional period;

Any new listings used for promoted listings campaign during the promo period for less than 30 days, unless sold.

Promotions will not apply to any credit provided to users as part of their Shop Subscription. This credit will be applied to Promote Your Listings activity first, and promotional discounts will be applied to subsequently incurred Promote Your Listings fees.

PayPal and any other third-party fees still apply.

General Terms

eBay reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel the promotion at any time, in the event of circumstances arising which, in eBay’s opinion, make it necessary for it to do so. eBay reserves the right to add additional terms and conditions for certain parts of this promotion.

eBay also reserves the right to exclude users on the basis that their seller accounts have fallen below the minimum required seller performance standards.

Any attempt to manipulate the promotion will lead to automatic exclusion from participation.

The decision of eBay regarding any aspect of this promotion is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The terms of the current Terms and Conditions for the Promotional Offer shall prevail over the other communication including marketing communications, invitation you received in respect to this Promotional Offer.

*Afghanistan(4), Albania(5), Algeria(6), American Samoa(7), Andorra(8), Angola(9), Anguilla(10), Antigua and Barbuda(11), Argentina(12), Armenia(13), Aruba(14), Azerbaijan Republic(17), Bahamas(18), Bahrain(19), Bangladesh(20), Barbados(21), Belarus(22), Belize(24), Benin(25), Bermuda(26), Bhutan(27), Bolivia(28), Bosnia and Herzegovina(29), Botswana(30), Brazil(31), British Virgin Islands(32), Brunei Darussalam(33), Bulgaria(34), Burkina Faso(35), Burma(36), Burundi(37), Cambodia(38), Cameroon(39), Cape Verde Islands(40), Cayman Islands(41), Central African Republic(42), Chad(43), Chile(44), Colombia(46), Comoros(47), Congo, Democratic Republic of the(48), Congo, Republic of the(49), Cook Islands(50), Costa Rica(51), Cote d Ivoire (Ivory Coast)(52), Croatia, Democratic Republic of the(53), Cyprus(55), Czech Republic(56), Denmark(57), Djibouti(58), Dominica(59), Dominican Republic(60), Ecuador(61), Egypt(62), El Salvador(63), Equatorial Guinea(64), Eritrea(65), Estonia(66), Ethiopia(67), Falkland Islands (Islas Makvinas)(68), Fiji(69), Finland(70), French Guiana(72), French Polynesia(73), Gabon Republic(74), Gambia(75), Georgia(76), Ghana(78), Gibraltar(79), Greece(80), Greenland(81), Grenada(82), Guadeloupe(83), Guam(84), Guatemala(85), Guernsey(86), Guinea(87), Guinea-Bissau(88), Guyana(89), Haiti(90), Honduras(91), Hungary(93), Iceland(94), Iraq(98), Israel(100), Jamaica(102), Jan Mayen(103), Jersey(105), Jordan(106), Kazakhstan(107), Kenya Coast Republic(108), Kiribati(109), Kuwait(112), Kyrgyzstan(113), Laos(114), Latvia(115), Lebanon, South(116), Lesotho(117), Liberia(118), Libya(119), Liechtenstein(120), Lithuania(121), Luxembourg(122), Macau(123), Macedonia(124), Madagascar(125), Malawi(126), Maldives(128), Mali(129), Malta(130), Marshall Islands(131), Martinique(132), Mauritania(133), Mauritius(134), Mayotte(135), Mexico(136), Moldova(137), Monaco(138), Mongolia(139), Montserrat(140), Morocco(141), Mozambique(142), Namibia(143), Nauru(144), Nepal(145), Netherlands Antilles(147), New Caledonia(148), Nicaragua(150), Niger(151), Nigeria(152), Niue(153), Norway(154), Oman(155), Pakistan(156,Palau(157), Panama(158), Papua New Guinea(159), Paraguay(160), Peru(161), Portugal(164), Puerto Rico(165), Qatar(166), Romania(167), Russian Federation(168), Rwanda(169), Saint Helena(170), Saint Kitts-Nevis(171), Saint Pierre and Miquelon(173), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines(174), San Marino(175), Saudi Arabia(176), Senegal(177), Seychelles(178), Sierra Leone(179), Slovakia(181), Slovenia(182), Solomon Islands(183), Somalia(184), South Africa(185), Sri Lanka(187), Sudan(188), Suriname(189), Svalbard(190), Swaziland(191), Sweden(192), Tahiti(195), Tajikistan(197), Tanzania(198), Togo(200), Tonga(201), Trinidad and Tobago(202), Tunisia(203), Turkey(204), Turkmenistan(205), Turks and Caicos Islands(206), Tuvalu(207), Uganda(208), Ukraine(209), United Arab Emirates(210), Uruguay(211), Uzbekistan(212), Vanuatu(213), Virgin Islands (U.S.)(217), Wallis and Futuna(218), Western Sahara(219), Western Samoa(220), Yemen(221), Yugoslavia(222), Zambia(223), Zimbabwe(224), Micronesia(226), Reunion(227), Montenegro(228), Serbia(229)