Third Party Providers

What is a Third Party Provider?

Third Party Providers are eBay partners who offer various solutions, ranging from consulting services (account setting help, listing tutorials, etc.) to account and sales management.

Why use a Third Party Provider?

Every marketplace, especially one as large one as eBay, has a lot of organizational, technical, and legal nuances. Services get updated, new tools appear, online business laws in different countries change; even for experienced sellers, this makes it difficult to master the platform, handle routine tasks, and develop a sales strategy.
That’s where Third Party Providers with many years of eBay experience come to your aid.

Benefits of Third Party Providers

  • account creation and settings help;
  • bulk listing creation (up to 10,000 items at once);
  • eBay tutorials;
  • automation help, such as Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) setup or eBay Inventory API integration

ZoneSmart, an eBay Third Party Provider in Russia and Eastern Europe

ZoneSmart offers solutions for partial and full automation of routine tasks such as

  • listing creation and promotion;
  • order management;
  • stock balance control;
  • customer support.

Logistics is one of the most important concerns of export trade. ZoneSmart operates two warehouses in the USA and Germany, where storage resources are reserved, arriving items are packaged, labeled, and shipped by partner services. Item movement tracking allows you to monitor order information in real-time.

eBay sellers can fully entrust ZoneSmart to launch and support turnkey solutions for international sales; ZoneSmart can also provide personal manager services and tutorial courses featuring individual approach and eBay-approved methods.

ZoneSmart advantages

Extensive experience. ZoneSmart has been operating in the field of export trade since 2008.

Wide customer base. The company’s portfolio includes over 300 online export projects; ZoneSmart’s solutions are employed by small and large businesses, including more than 110 eBay clients in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Mexico, Israel, Greece.

Unique IT solutions. The company’s specialty is state-of-the-art export management tools and systems.

An exclusive motor part seller tool. ZoneSmart offers a unique module able to automatically fill an item listing for a part based on the part number.

ZoneSmart special offer for eBay sellers

Apply for a manager consultation and get up to 30% off ZoneSmart services.