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Yaroslavl, Novgorod, Izhevsk

Russian Export Regions

From Yaroslavl city on the Volga River to the endless forests of Novgorod and the lakes of the Udmurtia region, Russia is home to historical industries and developed trade centers. For centuries local craftsmen have created and produced a variety of goods well-known for their outstanding quality.


Today, entrepreneurs from three regions in Russia—Yaroslavl, Novgorod, and Udmurtia—are working to make their unique offerings better known on a global stage. Together with the local Centers of Entrepreneurship Support, eBay is helping small-to-medium business owners in these regions learn to sell online.

Through a program called Export Revival, more than 50 businesses across Russia are receiving mentoring from eBay, plus additional coaching from the Russian Export Center and PayPal, to gain the skills to grow their businesses internationally. These entrepreneurs already listed more than 600 goods in nearly every category on eBay from fashion, tableware, and toys, to gadgets, portable seabikes, and autoparts.

The program aligns with the Russian government’s priority focus to grow small- to medium-sized businesses, create new jobs, and increase export potential of small enterprises and companies.

«In 2019 the Export Revival project has upgraded not only by a bigger number of participants, but by setting more ambitious goals in Russia,» said Ilya Kretov, eBay GM for Russia, Israel and HiPo region. «We are working together with the regional Governors and Russian Export Center and have initiated the process of introducing zero VAT for Russian SMBs exporters on the state level. This will allow sellers from Russia to become more competitive on the global market.»





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