The eBay Store: a Brand Development and Cost Optimization Tool

With the eBay Store you can get more free listings and access tools to create, personalize and develop your own brand. You can place all your ads of any format in one place.

eBay Store Benefits

Find out how you can make the most of your eBay Store subscription. Learn about saving on fees, free ads and other benefits.


Set Up Your Store

All you need to know to set up the eBay Store.


Subscriptions and Fees

Learn more about 5 eBay Store subscriptions, compare fees, numbers of free listings and other benefits. Find the Store that's best for you.


How to Put eBay Store on Vacation

If you need to take a break from your eBay Store for any reason, you can put it on vacation and hide your Fixed Price Listings so no one will be waiting for items you can’t ship on time.


How to Close Your eBay Store

What to consider when cancelling a subscription: what happens to listings and how fees and discounts are calculated based on the Store closing date.