How to create a listing


Creating a Listing

  1. Click the Sell button at the top of any eBay page.


2. Click the Begin button on the Sell page.

3. On the opened page enter keywords into the search box labeled “Tell us what are you selling?”, then select a category in the dropdown list of displayed categories.

4. Click the Get started button.


5. You'll be redirected to the page with the Sell Your Item form

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Selecting a Category

Completing the Sell Your Item form

Complete the Sell Your Item form. Pay attention that the completing some fields is a paid option.

  1. Enter a title in the Title field.
  2. Correct the your item category in the Category field if needed. Remember that choosing an appropriate category is very important to your selling success.
  3. In the Condition field select your item condition in the dropdown list: Brand New — absolutely new, Like New — almost new, Very Good — very good, Good — good, Acceptable — satisfactory condition).
  4. In the Photos section add max. 12 photos of your item.


5. The completing of the Item specifics section depends on the item category.


6. In the Item description section, complete the description field.


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Completing the Selling details

One of the most important stages in creating a listing is to specify the selling details. To do this, complete the Selling details section.

  1. Choose an Auction and/or Buy It Now listing format in the Format section.
  2. In the Duration field select a listing duration of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10 days. If you're using the fixed price format, you can also choose a 30-day or Good 'Til Cancelled listing duration. You can also schedule listings to start. You can select “Start my listings when I submit them” options or “Schedule to start on” to start at the day and time you choose.
  3. In the Price field specify the item price: Starting price for auction-style listing, Buy It Now price and Reserve price — is the minimum amount you are willing to sell for.
  4. In the Quantity field specify the item quantity.
  5. Thе Private listing option makes an anonymous purchase possible.
  6. The Make a donation optiont allows the buyer to make a charitable contribution at the same time as payment for the items.
  7. In the Payment options section select the PayPal option.
  8. In the Return options section state whether you accept returns or not.


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Setting up your shipping options

In the Shipping details section enter choose options and area of shipping.


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Posting a listing

Your listing is almost ready. The menu at the bottom of the page will help you see what is done.

  1. Click on the Preview button and see, how your listing will look.
  2. Click on the Save as draft button and save your listing as a draft, without posting.
  3. Click on the Cancel button and cancel creating a listing.
  4. And finally click on the List item button and post your listing.


Congratulations! Your first listing is ready.

We wish you success in sales!

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