Insertion Fees

We charge two main types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you create a listing, and a final value fee when your item is sold.

The amount we charge depends on the item's price, the format and category you choose for your listing, any optional listing upgrades you add, and whether you're meeting our seller performance standards. Fees may apply if you end your auction-style listing early.

Insertion fees

When you list an item for sale, we charge a fee per listing, per category. We call this an insertion fee. If you choose to list your item in two categories, you also pay an insertion fee for the second category.

Insertion fees are nonrefundable if your item doesn't sell. If your auction-style listing ends in a sale, the insertion fee will be credited back. Exclusions apply:

  • Your listed item must be in the auction-style format. Fixed price listings, Classified Ads, Motors vehicles, Real Estate, and select Business & Industrial categories are not eligible for insertion fee credits
  • Only insertion fees are credited. Listing upgrade fees aren't credited
  • If your item sells, you're charged a final value fee
  • If you originally listed the item during a promotion and your promotional insertion fee was lower than the insertion fee for your relisted item, you're credited for the lower of the two fees if your item sells the second time
  • If you originally listed the item as a zero insertion fee auction-style listing, there won't be a credit or refund for an insertion fee
  • If your duplicate auction-style listing doesn't appear on eBay, you may be eligible for an insertion fee credit

If you relist your item, we charge an insertion fee for the original listing and each time your item is relisted. However, your monthly zero insertion fee listings can cover each of your relisted items until they're used up.

Zero insertion fee listings

Every month, you get up to 50 zero insertion fee listings, or more if you have an eBay Store. You'll only pay insertion fees once you've used up those listings.

Duplicate listings and multiple items

If you create a duplicate auction-style listing for the same item, we charge an insertion fee per listing (one for the original and another for the duplicate), even if the listing doesn't appear on eBay for its full listing duration. Consider scheduling your auctions to end at different times, so if a bidder doesn't win your first listing, they have a chance to bid on your duplicate listing.

For listings with multiple items including listings with variations, you only pay one insertion fee. We calculate the insertion fee based on the total start price of your listing, which is the item price multiplied by the quantity. For example, if you list 10 items at $4.00 each, the total start price is $40. If you list 100 items at $4.00 each, the total start price is $400.

Good 'Til Cancelled listings

For Good 'Til Cancelled listings, we charge an insertion fee every 30-day period. Your listing will renew automatically every 30 days unless your item sells before that timeframe, you cancel your listing, or your listing violates an eBay policy and we end your listing. Good 'Til Cancelled listings count toward your monthly zero insertion fee listings. Fee amounts are based on the terms in effect when the listing goes live and when it renews.