Dmitriy Dvornikov



Based in St.Petersburg, Dmitriy Dvornikov and his team of geologists sell Russian rare minerals and meteorites all over the globe.

Shungite russia 10.jpg

Dmitriy Dvornikov started his business selling diverse goods online from music CDs to vintage coins. It took time to find that perfect product. He first thought of selling rare minerals after a risky expedition to Kazakhstan in search of a meteorite. Later, he encountered the mysterious stone - shungite. The magical beauty of the mineral and its unique healing qualities made Dmitriy curious to try and sell it in Russia. Soon his interest widened to semi-precious stones like charoit and azurite-malachite and other meteorite stones found in Russia, but he realized that there is limited demand for minerals within the country.

Dmitriy made a listing on eBay in 2012 to try to reach more customers. He quickly saw that there is a huge potential for exporting minerals. Today he, with a team of geologists, sell more than 1000 pieces a year to buyers and collectors all over the world. He now travels to international trade events around the globe to represent his brand thanks to the success of the eBay store. He is also now able to support local stone artisans in remote Russian towns and villages by distributing their products via his online shop.