Updates to How You Service Your Customers

Updates to handling returns and cases, new seller protection

Seller protection changes for “Item Not Received” claims filed through eBay Money Back Guarantee

Marketplace preferred shipping carriers required. In order to protect you from “Item Not Received” claims filed through eBay Money Back Guarantee, starting June 1, 2020, eBay will require you to use shipping carriers that are integrated with eBay and provide regular shipment scans. eBay will also publish a list of recommended eBay-integrated carriers that offer tracked services.

In addition, eBay may decide a case in a buyer’s favor without requiring the buyer to contact eBay if tracking that proves shipment of the item was not provided by the seller within 3 business days after an “Item Not Received” case was opened. eBay recommends you upload the tracking to eBay within your stated handling time. Buyers are more confident their orders will arrive when they receive regular updates on the shipping status, and are less likely to file “Item Not Received” claims when not received by the estimated date.

Changes to handling return requests that appear abandoned

Starting April 1, 2020, eBay will no longer close returns early at the request of a seller when the buyer has not shipped the item back. Instead, eBay will wait to ensure buyers have sufficient time to provide proof items they requested to return were shipped back. If eBay does not receive proof of shipment from your buyers while the return requests are active, eBay will protect you by removing any negative or neutral feedback left on that transaction.

Changes to handling “Item Not as Described” return requests for all sellers

eBay Money Back Guarantee requires sellers to respond within 3 business days when buyers request to return items that don't match listing descriptions. When you do not respond, eBay may refund the buyer and seek reimbursement from you without requiring the buyer to ship the item back. Starting June 1, 2020, eBay may decide these cases after the 3 business days elapse without requiring the buyer to contact eBay.

Changes to handling “Item Not as Described” return requests for international sellers

eBay recommends that all international sellers targeting US buyers by listing items on ebay.com provide their buyers with a return address in the US. When a return has to be shipped internationally, buyers must wait substantially longer for refunds than they are accustomed to when returning items domestically. When you do not provide a US return address and your buyer requests to return an item that doesn't match the listing, you need to accept the return and provide the means to return the item within 3 business days. Otherwise, eBay may refund the buyer and seek reimbursement from you without requiring the item to be shipped back under eBay Money Back Guarantee. Starting June 1, 2020, eBay may decide these cases after the 3 business days elapse without requiring the buyer to contact eBay. This change will apply to returns valued up to $25.

New protections against buyers you previously blocked

You now can cancel a transaction from a buyer you previously blocked if they purchase another item from you and eBay will also protect you from any defects or feedback. While hundreds of millions of transactions are completed on eBay each year without any issues, a very small percentage of buyers aren’t good trading partners. When this happens, you can block a buyer so they can’t purchase from you again. If they try to purchase from you again, eBay has your back.

When you identify a buyer who shares the same name or shipping address with a previously blocked account, or is engaged in the same abusive behavior, you can cancel the transaction. eBay will protect you from any feedback or defects associated with the transaction when you request eBay to remove the Feedback and defect in the Seller Help page. Whenever a buyer violates the Abusive Buyer policy, report the buyer to eBay.

Seller Protection FAQs

When eBay publishes the list of eBay-integrated carriers this Spring, will I be required to use one of their services to sell on eBay?

No. You will still be permitted to use untracked services, and tracked services from carriers that are not integrated with eBay. However, eBay will not provide protection in the event of “Item Not Received” claims when such services are used, or wait for buyers to contact eBay before deciding claim outcomes.

What kind of tracking information will eBay-integrated carriers provide?

eBay-integrated carriers will provide status update scans with your shipments for tracked services when uploaded to the eBay platform. Without valid tracking scans on the platform, we cannot protect you from “Item Not Received” claims.

Will I be required to provide any other information to buyers to receive protection from “Item Not Received” claims filed through eBay Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. You’ll be required to upload tracking numbers to eBay that show the following information:

  • A delivery status of “delivered”
  • Date of delivery
  • Shipping address matching the address on the order
  • Signature confirmation for items that cost $750 or more

How can I provide proof that an item is shipped?

You will need to use a tracked service from a carrier that is integrated with eBay to provide regular shipment scans. You must also upload the tracking number to eBay, and show the following information:

  • A shipment status of “accepted,” “in transit,” or “delivered”
  • Shipping address matching the address on the order

I sell low-value items, and using tracked shipping services is not economically viable. Will I still be required to use a carrier service from the list you published?

You can still choose to use untracked or non-integrated services to ship items on eBay. However, if an “Item Not Received” claim is opened, we will only be able to protect you if the item was shipped with a tracked service that provides eBay with regular shipping scans.

If I uploaded tracking but the first scan from the carrier surfaced later than 3 business days after the case was filed, will I be protected?

If the first scan from the carrier surfaces late, and the claim has already been decided, you will not be protected. For this reason, eBay recommends you refund your buyer if the item hasn't been shipped by the time the case is filed.

Can I provide a tracking number through member-to-member messages and still be protected from losing an “Item Not Received” claim?

No. In order to be protected, tracking must be uploaded and cannot be sent through member-to-member messages. Learn how to upload tracking.

What kind of response am I required to give for a return request during the Seller Make It Right window?

eBay recommend that you accept the request, if it hasn’t already done. If the buyer included questions in the request, please be sure to respond to those as well. Also, in situations where you feel the buyer may be violating eBay’s policies, you can respond to the return by reporting the buyer to eBay.

If a buyer abandons a return, will I need to contact customer support to get feedback protection?

No. If eBay determines the buyer has abandoned the return, it will close the request for you and remove any negative feedback you may receive from the buyer.

How do I know if I have previously blocked a buyer?

You can conclude the buyer is the same person you previously blocked if:

  • The new buyer account shows the same name or address as the previous buyer account
  • The buyer is bidding on or buying from the same listings while engaging in the same abusive activity

How do I cancel a transaction initiated by a buyer I previously blocked?

If you want to cancel a transaction initiated by a buyer you previously blocked, go to Sold under My eBay, select the item you’d like to cancel, and click Cancel order under the More actions dropdown menu. Simply cancel the transaction using the reason “Something is wrong with the buyer’s shipping address.”

How can I ensure that I receive feedback and defect protections?

Please visit Seller Help and Request Assistance to have your feedback removed or appeal your defect.

I ship items through freight delivery services. Will I be required to use an integrated tracked carrier to be feedback and defect protected?

When selling large and bulky items, you will not be required to use an integrated carrier when you set the delivery option as Freight through business listing tools. In this case you will still need to provide all other tracking requirements including a delivery scan, date, address, and sometimes signature confirmation (for items valued over $750).

At times I put my eBay store on vacation. Can I wait until after I’m back to respond to returns?

No, when your eBay store is on vacation you still need to respond within 3 business days of receiving a return request. If it won’t be possible to access your return requests, eBay recommends setting your Return preferences to auto-accept returns while away.

I list on www.ebay.com, but ship my items from outside the United States. Am I required to have a US return address?

Sellers from different countries list items on ebay.com to price their items in US dollars and market to US buyers. When listing on www.ebay.com, you are not required to provide a return address in the United States, but it is recommended. It not only do buyers wait less for refunds, but eBay can help make returns easier by auto-accepting returns on your behalf and providing buyers eBay-generated return labels.