Changes on International eBay Sites

Fee changes

From 1 April 2020, eBay’s updating the following fees in Germany, Austria and France.


  • Final Value Fee changes within the Vehicle parts & accessories category.
  • Insertion Fee changes within media categories, only for sellers with Basic Shop or without eBay Shop subscription.
  • More auctions without insertion fees included in Premium Shop subscriptions.
--Till 31 March 2020From 1 April 2020
Final Value Fee within the Vehicle parts & accessories category-9%10%
Free Fixed Price Listings per monthNo eBay Store subscription400
Free Auction-style Listings per monthPremium Store200250
Insertion Fee within media categoriesNo eBay Store subscription€0.15€0.35
Insertion Fee within media categoriesBasic Store€0.05€0.10
Insertion Fee within media categoriesPremium Store€0.02€0.05


  • Free data protection package from Trusted Shops for all eBay Shop subscribers.


Final value fee changes within the following categories: 

  • Vehicle parts & accessories — fee will reduced from 5.7% to 7% (fees in the Wheels, Tires & Parts subcategory remain unchanged);
  • Beauty, Well-being, Perfumes, Jewellery, Watches, Clothing, Accessories — fee will be increased from 8% to 10%.

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