eBay Spring 2020 Update

Updates to how you list

Category classification and Item Specifics updates, new Terapeak features in Seller Hub and new Multi-User Account access permission, Volume Pricing for non-eBay Store sellers and a feature for instant removal of backgrounds from item photos.

Updates to how you promote your inventory

Sending Offers to buyers with greater ease, new reminders feature, minimum discount for expensive items change, ability to allow Counter offers from buyers on your mobile device. 

Updates to how you ship

New notifications for listings with missing ZIP codes.

Updates to how you service your customers

Quick resolve for “Item Not Received,” “Item Not as Described” claims, and Updates to handling Returns.

Changes on international eBay sites

The most important updates for sellers who sell on international eBay sites.

Norwegian VAT changes

Legislation changes that will affect all eBay sellers who sell and ship to buyers in Norway.

Tax legislation changes in France

Legislation changes regarding legal liabilities for digital platforms in France.