North America changes

Fee Changes

Final value fee cap increase for Basic and Premium Stores and Final value fee increase for sellers not meeting performance expectations.

Final value fee cap increase for Basic and Premium Stores

Where? USA

When? June 1, 2019

What’s changing?

Starting on June 1, 2019, we will increase the final value fee cap for Basic and Premium eBay Stores from $250 to $350. The final value fee cap for Anchor and Enterprise Stores will not change. Some exclusions may apply.

What you need to know:

Listings made before June 1, 2019 by Basic and Premium eBay Store subscribers will not be subject to the increase until the listing is relisted or is renewed.

The following categories will be excluded from the final value fee cap increase:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Commercial Printing Presses
  • Food Trucks, Trailers & Carts
  • Guitars & Basses

Final value fee increase for sellers not meeting performance expectations

Where? USA

Where? June 20, 2019

What’s changing?

Starting on June 20, 2019, we will increase the additional final value fees charged to sellers who have very high rates of "item not as described" returns and sellers who are not meeting minimum performance standards from 4% to 5%.

Managed Payments

More payment options, easy management of orders and refunds in Seller Hub, and expanding participation to more sellers.

Where? USA

Managed payments

What’s changing?

Managed payments is currently available on a limited, invitation-only basis and we will expand the experience to more sellers in the future.

We'll continue to add new payment options to existing methods that already include credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and Apple Pay. We recently added Google Pay to managed payments, and we are now making PayPal and PayPal Credit available. We're starting small and, in the coming weeks, we'll continue to test and scale PayPal to ensure a seamless and successful seller and buyer experience.

What you need to know:

Managed payments also simplifies the selling experience. Because we manage the entire payments process, you’ll have more time to focus on streamlining and expanding your business.

Upcoming enhancements to managed payments by eBay are:

  • April 2019: Google Pay (as a form of payment only) — just launched;
  • April 2019: PayPal and PayPal Credit — just launched — testing and scaling in the coming weeks;
  • summer 2019: order management improvements, and seller-initiated refunds.

How to use:

If you are a participating seller, no action is required to enable these changes. If you are not a participating seller and would like to join managed payments, express your interest. We expect to transition the majority of eBay sellers to the new payment experience by 2021.

The change will provide a more streamlined and efficient buying experience. Buyers will be redirected to PayPal to approve their payments just as they do on all other ecommerce websites. You do not need to take any action. All buyer payments will continue to be paid directly into your bank account.

As always, you will continue to handle all return, "item not received", and cancellation requests from buyers in the Resolution Center or Seller Hub. In addition to requests started on eBay, we will also show you any payment disputes requiring your attention that a buyer may have started elsewhere, including disputes from PayPal or card providers.

Additional support for seller refunds

Starting in July 2019, you will also be able to issue a refund to a buyer for a percentage of the order amount of your choice, up to 100%. You can do this directly from Seller Hub or our APIs. This feature will give you flexibility to manage refunds in addition to how you manage cancellation requests or send a partial refund through a return request today.

New order number format

Easier order management with updated order numbers.

Where? USA

When? July 2019

What’s changing?

Starting in summer 2019, we'll introduce a more user-friendly order number format. We'll attach the updated order numbers to each transaction on eBay, which will follow the transactions through their entire life cycles. The updated order numbers will appear in the “order details” section of your View Order Details page, Seller Hub, reports, emails, APIs, post-transaction records, and other locations over time, so you can efficiently track and manage your orders.

What you need to know:

User-friendly order numbers will help:

  • sellers track and trace orders for easier reconciliation;
  • buyers track their order information;
  • eBay provide better customer support for buyers and sellers.

This unique identifier for each order will be used for managed and non-managed payments.

How to use:

We'll support the updated order number format in the new version of our APIs and continue to support order numbers in our current API for backward compatibility. Sellers and developers will need to upgrade to the new version of our APIs to get the new order format and align with details that will be displayed in the user experience. You will see the same information in both the user experience and new version of the APIs that buyers see on their email receipts and in other user experience flows.