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Promoted Listings Standard:
quick, simple and low-risk

Promote your listings with ads across the eBay network and only pay when your items sell. Promoted Listings Standard is the most popular way to try advertising on eBay: it minimizes risks and maximizes your impact.

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Where will your listings appear?

Standard campaigns offer maximum coverage across the eBay network, with more than 100 placements for where your ad can appear on eBay and preferred access to external ad placements on eBay partner sites. These placements include the homepage, search results, view item pages, and checkout on desktop, mobile, and the eBay app.

Where will your listings appear

Pay only when your items sell

Promoted Listings Standard is a cost-per-sale campaign model. You’re only charged if a buyer clicks on your promoted listing or on the heart icon to add an item to their watchlist and then purchases any of your Promoted Listings Standard items within 30 days. The cost per sale is based on the ad rate you set.

Pay only when your items sell

Standard campaigns help you


Attract buyers’ attention to your items with minimum risk


Showcase your items in placements throughout the buyer’s shopping journey


Get maximum coverage across the eBay network


Save time using automated campaigns

Key benefits of Promoted Listings Standard

Low risk

You only pay the ad fee if your item sells within 30 days after a buyer’s click on your Standard ad. The amount of the fee depends on the ad rate you set.

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Do you have a dynamic inventory with high turnover rates? Automate Standard campaigns and save loads of time. Just create the rule and choose your ad rate strategy. All your current and future listings will be automatically added according to the rule.

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Detailed reporting

Access detailed campaign metrics and sales reports to monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns.

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Guided setup

eBay’s guidance tools help you take the guesswork out and suggest which items to promote and at what cost.

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Follow these best practices in your Standard campaigns


Promote recommended listings

Listings with a “Recommended” tag are likely to benefit most from Promoted Listings Standard.


Use dynamic ad rates

Stay competitive and take the guesswork out of campaign management with dynamic ad rates designed to maximize your performance at optimal cost.


Maximize your impact

Predict the performance of your campaign in real-time with ad rate forecasting feature.


Monitor the perfomance

Review the perfomance metrics (such as impressions, clicks, ad fees, etc.) in near real time and tweak your campaign.


Use tempting offers

Set up enticing offers and promote them to maximize visibility and sales.


Use third party listing tools

Third Party Providers offer software and services to help run your eBay business, including Promoted Listings campaigns. Learn more about what each partner supports on the special page.

Learn more about creating and setting up Standard campaigns in a dedicated article.

Easy setup

  1. Choose the Simple campaign type
  2. Select your ad rate strategy: Dynamic or Fixed
  3. Add the listings you want to promote
  4. Launch your campaign

If you have a large inventory, you can also opt for a Bulk or Automated campaign.

Bulk campaigns feature category selection and CSV upload. As for Automated campaigns, see the video below.

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How to launch automated campaigns

Look how Promoted Listings Standard made a difference

“Our first pilot with Promoted Listings Standard gave us the confidence to continue using it and the fact that we were able to more than double our sales whilst actually reducing the ad rate we paid was a very positive outcome and we now plan to run Promoted Listings campaigns against the majority of our eBay listings.” — Ant Langston, Marketplace Trading Manager, Heat And Plumb

Learn how they drove a 244% sales velocity uplift

“Promoted Listings Standard allowed me to boost my sales by improving my listing placements and encouraging buyers to check out my products. I’ve continued to see great success over the years and seen sales grow by almost 50%” — Mick, one of the owners of JCS Computer Store

Learn how JCS Computer Store increased sales

“We’ve seen our impressions increase by more than 50%, click through rate increase by more than 30% and sales grow as a result of our Standard campaigns.” — littlesmokey78

Learn how a passionate electronics seller drove sales

“To this day, Promoted Listings Standard continues to be my main driver of sales on all of my fixed price listings. I start at 2% over the suggested ad rate and have a cap at 15%. The sheer volume of sales outweigh the concerns around loss of profit margins.” — Preston Gause, Trading Cards

Learn how Trading Cards achieved a +92% sales increase