Promoted Listings Advanced:
visibility and control
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Promote your listings in premium placements in search and pay per click on your ads. Promoted Listings Advanced give you more control over campaigns: create a daily budget and bid on keywords of your choosing.

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Make your items stand out

Promoted Listings Advanced is a cost-per-click (CPC) campaign model specifically targeting the premium placements of eBay buyers’ search results.

The highest bidder gets the opportunity to display the Ad and pays the rate of the second highest bid as the advertising fee.

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Advanced campaigns help you


Give an additional boost to always-on listings


Drive visibility for new or trending listings


Apply greater control to your best performing listings (set daily budget caps and fine-tuning keyword choices)

Valuable insights

Get your high-quality listings seen by active buyers

Get more views for your listings and stand out more with Promoted Listings Advanced

Top of search

One in five purchases on eBay starts with a listing that appeared at the top of our search results page*. Promoted Listings Advanced gives you preferred access to the super-visible placements to drive performance.

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Enhanced budget control

A cost-per-click model lets you determine exactly how much each keyword and click is worth to you. Our Daily Budget feature provides you with control over your campaign spend, giving you the predictability needed to manage your eBay business.

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Strategic keyword control

Bid on the keywords that matter to you — keywords that will ultimately help you achieve your eBay goals.

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* Source: eBay data, July 2020

Do I need Promoted Listings Advanced if I already use Standard campaigns?

Promoted Listings Advanced is not meant to replace the cost-per-sale Promoted Listings Standard. Actually, they complement one another.

Used together, they provide maximum reach and maximum visibility with balanced risks.


Full eBay coverage

No risk

Used together

Maximum reach,
maximum visibility

Blended budget approach


Premium spots in search

Higher risk and reward

Follow our top tips to launch your own Promoted Listings Advanced campaign


Always promote higher quality listings. Consider using the eBay recommended listings.


Review the eBay suggested keywords and supplement with other keyword choices important to you.


If using phrase match for your keyword targeting, consider applying negative keywords.


Use the eBay suggested bids to take the guesswork out of determining the value for each keyword.


Read more on how to create and set up Advanced campaigns in a dedicated article.

Easy 4-step setup

  1. Set your daily budget and dates
  2. Select the listings to promote via your ad group
  3. Choose your keywords and set your bids
  4. Launch your campaign

You can also use the Quick setup:
just add listings to your campaign and the special algorithm will set up the rest!

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Boost your peak season using Advanced campaigns

See how eBay sellers use Promoted Listings Advanced to grow their business

“We have done $147K in sales with only $9.4K in ad fees.”

— Kenneth Hanson, Digital Marketplace Manager, Reebok

Learn how Reebok doubled sales

“Promoted Listings has given us the ability to increase exposure on key items during high seasonality time periods and drive traffic to low performing items. We are excited to continue to learn and grow with this tool!”

— Eric Bullington, VMInnovations

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“Promoted Listings Advanced is a game changer for any seller looking to expand their audience and broaden their visibility. We would recommend Promoted Listings Advanced to any seller looking to get a ‘competitive edge’ to reach a wider audience and create a following for their business on eBay.”

— Adam & Cory Zinker, co-founders & CEOs, The Perfect Part

Learn how they grew by 15% in just one week

“Promoted Listings Advanced gives a much-needed additional touch on how to generate sales on eBay’s platform. It provides us more time to spend on other areas of the platform. We are excited to see how this solution progresses and the potential growth it may bring!”


Learn how an electronics seller increased clicks and drove sales