Bruno Roncolato

Feldens Jewelry, Brazil

Bruno Roncolato used to work in sales, and eBay was just a website where he occasionally bought some products, mainly cosmetics. After losing his job at a printer toner company, Bruno was walking the streets of downtown São Paulo with lots of jewelry shops. Suddenly he got an idea how to earn some money. He bought two scapulars (religious necklaces) and listed them on eBay — that is how he started his business on the platform.

Bruno Roncolato.jpg

Bruno has been exporting his products via eBay for five years and he loves it. He thinks it is much easier to use than other ecommerce platforms, especially when it comes to the listing creation process. Bruno has already shipped products to France, the UK, and Italy, but today his focus is on his home country, Brazil and the United States, where his business generates very good profits.

The pandemic affected Bruno’s store severely: his mailings were paralyzed for two months. Today, to increase demand and delivery speed, he uses the help of his niece who lives in the state of California. Now the store is shipping orders from California to the entire United States, thus reducing the wait time for customers.

Bruno hopes that with this strategy, the demand for his products will increase in the coming months, as well as his income. It will help him further expand the product options on the platform.

“I was already using eBay as a buyer, but I liked it even more when I discovered that I could work and earn money through the platform and its tools.”