Jacob Degn

Jacob Degn

jacodeg0, Denmark

Making innovative solutions for old cars has always been Jacob’s big dream. When the pandemic hit, he decided to focus on 3D printed car accessories which later became his new passion and business. Initially he was selling on small local platforms but one day he heard one phrase that changed the way he did business: “Do not only focus on little Denmark — focus on selling worldwide through eBay”.

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Jacob lives in Denmark. He is a qualified mechanic, later educated as an engineer. He has always had a great passion for old cars, especially for BMW. His other dream was about product development, entrepreneurship, and innovative solutions for old cars for many years. Due to the age of these cars, Jacob has often been missing parts for them. As 3D printing was getting more and more developed and becoming a stable way to manufacture products, he caught the opportunity to live out his big dream as a product developer and to create 3D accessories for old BMW cars.

Just like it hit the whole world, it also hit Jacob — COVID-19 made its entrance. He had more time at home, and that was his call to follow his passion. He spent hours and hours

learning 3D drawing programs to be able to design his own 3D prints.

Initially Jacob had been selling via small online platforms in Denmark. However, there were often issues with the payments, and he spent a lot of time managing orders. One day he saw a Danish TV program called “The Lions Cave”. There were four people willing to invest money in various projects that the product developers presented. One of these investors said to a participant “Do not only focus on little Denmark — focus on selling worldwide through eBay”. Jacob quickly saw that eBay was a respected platform not only for exporting his products, but also for buying the items for manufacturing.

Now Jacob runs his business together with his girlfriend, and they work only through eBay. They sell to most countries, but the majority of their customers come from the USA and Europe. Jacob likes to be in a dialogue with the clients and sellers all over the world. They are a big part of his product development, as he is listening to their solutions. Together they continuously create unique and innovative products.

Jacob really cares about his business being environmentally friendly. He uses eco materials, and the energy for his printers comes from the wind. Additionally, he tries to transport his goods by using the most climate friendly companies.

“As I have customers not only in Denmark but from the whole world, it did not take long before I had to buy more machines as I could not produce enough items. And now I need to think about my own production — it’s crazy!” says Jacob. “In the future, I look forward to expanding the business together with my clients, for whom I’m very thankful for the feedback. Moreover, I have a dream of trying out new industries. For new users who have a passion for selling their product, I can only say: Get started with eBay, you won’t regret it!”