Anel Sakić

IKRE, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anel joined eBay when he was going through an especially rough patch: he was out of a job, newly married and struggling with agoraphobia and anxiety. He joined eBay since it allowed working from home, and on the day he created an account and put up an item for auction, he already had a couple of bids. As he says, it was a moment of pure joy that he would finally be worthy of himself and his family.

Anel Sakić.png

Just before Anel entered the marketplace, he had lost his job and got married. To make matters worse, at the time he had strong symptoms of anxiety that were holding him back from going to work and outside at all, so he found refuge in his home. If you heard about anxiety and agoraphobia, you know it is one horror of a life. With his condition and the lack of money, it was impossible to pay the bills. Anel kept wondering how to earn a few dollars to feed the family, being in a state of helplessness, severe agoraphobia, depression, and everything else that prevented him from living normally at the time.

Anel read on the Internet about working from home and came across a text about people whose lives changed thanks to eBay. He was inspired by those stories and decided to start selling spare car parts on the platform, since he had a good knowledge of the product. Anel created an account on eBay and put up an item for auction, and on the same day he got a couple of bids. It was a fantastic feeling, Anel felt so much joy that he would finally be worthy of himself and his family.

Up to this day, Anel sells on eBay and enjoys it. He has shipped auto parts to more than 40 countries, mostly to the US and Mexico, Europe, and Canada. He will never forget that the first product he sold went to Egypt!

“My story is not about millions in earnings, but about profits that are more than enough to make a great living,” says Anel. “Today, 6 years later, I am a private businessman with my own company and 7 employees. It is nothing special but given my situation before entering eBay, this outcome is unimaginable. Relying on eBay and sales, I was able to start my own business and did not have to work for some minimum wage. It may not be the best story, but I hope that whoever reads it will get inspiration for a better tomorrow.”