When a company saw its idea…traveling around the world!

Are you among those looking for inspiration so to see your business idea succeeding?

We have to present you a different story which will make you say “now it’s the right moment”. A real story with the lead actors to be 4 young men who confirm in practice the quote “companies make history”.

The story is about Aristotelis Vakalopoulos from Samos, Thanasis Sidiropoulos from Thessaloniki and the two twin siblings Dimitris and Nontas Kostοulas from Lefkada. The four friends met on Aegean University, where they studied Informatics and Communication Systems. Since then they start building their joint vision for the opening of their own business. And they finally made it. Since 2019, the men company runs their own business, where they sale cosmetics, perfumes and parapharmaceutical products.

They decided to adopt the brand name “Cosmetiqon” with the q to signify the company’s philosophy for top quality services and products. The company began its commercial activity on 2019 over cosmetic industry, which in recent years, has experienced a significant growth. The team’s aim was to utilize their academic knowledge and experience in order to create their own well-known brand, that will play an important role on the global market.

The four co-founders are holding a physical store in Athens, while they are activating on eCommerce sector, by holding an on-line shop. The relationship between Cosmetiqon and eBay began in 2019, before the company’s physical store set up. Their aim was to take advantage of the platform’s benefits and tools for products’ export to all the countries around the world. Today, the company’s products are being sold to over 30 countries, with the greatest demand to come by USA, Canada and Europe.

The convenience of the platform’s navigation system and sales procedure, consists eBay the preferable solution among other platforms. According to the owners’ joint point “eBay offers all the necessary tools, as well as an integrated navigation and evaluation system, in order for a seller to grow. For us, the platform has held a very important role on our business development plan and its success, so far. We believe that eBay is the proper export channel and the ideal solution for a new business.”

The COVID-19 period had a significant impact on the company’s commercial activity. The first few weeks, it is estimated that Cosmetiqon recorded a turnover increase due to the consumers’ high demand for hygiene products and parapharmaceutical preparations, during pandemic. Although, after a while, the four owners had to deal with supply chain and logistics issues, with the products to be delivered to the clients with a long delay due to the limited routes. Throughout the duration of this critical period, the team made great efforts to solve the problems that arose, by contacting with their customers through the platform.

Cosmetiqon is investing on continuous training for each of its members while it consists important part of its growth strategy and DNA. The four-members always try to learn new skills and gain expertise, while the next period are planning to announce two new job positions.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, Cosmetiqon team has faced, the four co-founders believe that through collective effort and common vision, anyone is able to achieve the goals and overcome all the obstacles which will appear on the way. With the ambition to establish their brand on the global market as one of the companies that provides high quality and reliable services, they keep up the hard work so to serve the best experience for the customers, at all levels.