Moti Davidian

Pre Moon Jewelry

"Opening an eBay store is a sure bet, which helps you get in a big, active mall, with a huge clientele"

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In April 2020, shortly after the Coronavirus crisis hit us all, Pre Moon Jewelry started feeling its economical effects. Pre Moon Jewelry is a luxurious brand specializing in fine jewelry, made of white and yellow gold, and usually studded with diamonds.

The brand had been successfully operating several physical stores up until the crisis, but was quick to recognize the problems brought on by the Coronavirus: social distancing guidelines, as well as the lock-down, have forced many stores to close, which of course caused a decline in their business activities.

The owners of Pre Moon Jewelry started seeing income declining, and realized they need to take immediate steps. Their main goal was to reach people at their own homes. This meant opening an online selling channel, alongside the physical one, in order to generate extra income. They quickly moved to devise a strategy, including increasing their digital marketing activity and recruiting an extra employee to help accelerate the plan.

The choice was clear: Pre Moon Jewelry wanted to move some of their business activity to eBay. For that, they've recruited Moti Davidian, who has a rich experience in e-commerce. In less than two months, they've built an online store, which offers the brand's jewelry to clients all over the world. This was done with the help of the small business program, through which Davidian received support from eBay's experts.

"Choosing eBay was the obvious choice. Since we are creating fine jewelry, eBay allows us to enjoy all the advantages of the marketplace that are important to the brand and the buyers", says Davidian.

"Opening a jewelry store on eBay is choosing a big mall that has a huge clientele. Another consideration that was taken into account, was the fact that the platform allows for an important sense of security in buying and selling - after all, these are expensive items we're dealing with. eBay enables this security because of its reputation, its loyal buyers and the PayPal system, which is preferred by buyers and protects both buyers and sellers", explains Davidian. "I am happy to say the move we made was successful, and we are already seeing revenue from the online store, with a potential for further growth. Buyers trust eBay, it's very clear, and this justified choosing it as our e-commerce platform. The clients feel safe buying on eBay, and they don't hesitate to purchase expensive items".