Daniel Dahan

Diana Rafael

"eBay has made me the jeweler I am today", says Daniel Dahan, owner of Diana Rafael, a store for engagement rings and custom-made diamond jewelry. Daniel is 32 year old, lives in Givatayim, owns a jewelry brand in the Israeli Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, and has been designing jewelry for the past decade.

Diana Rafael

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He started his way as a diamond salesman in the Israeli Diamond Exchange. In 2014 he decided to try e-commerce and opened a store on eBay. He chose eBay for two main reasons: the ability to trade in a global marketplace instead of operating an independent website, and his exposure to eBay as a main site for selling diamond jewelry.

"My profession has found me", says Daniel, who has a degree in Economics and Business Management. "I've never worked in my areas of study. I tried advertising and real estate, but I've found myself in the diamond business, wanting to learn and to grow. eBay has certainly been a personal and business growth factor. My jewelry is seen by clients from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, and the store is constantly growing"

"The first sales were small. It started with engagement rings and very quickly developed into bigger sales. I remember selling an expensive diamond for $12,000, and since then the store really took off", says Daniel. "My vision is to accompany my clients in all of their joyous moments, from the marriage proposal to the birth of a baby, anniversary or any other occasion. For me, it started on eBay, because my first steps in jewelry sales were through the store I started there. The more I got into it, and with every new piece of jewelry created for a new customer, I was more and more passionate about going further with my business. This gave birth to custom-made jewelry, where the inlays and design are carefully crafted". 

"I am happy to say the business end has also developed. The business has grown significantly through customers who come to our office or buy from us on eBay. During the coronavirus crisis, the online activity became essential. Everything froze, weddings were cancelled, shops were closed and there wasn't an option to meet people. E-commerce has become essential if you wanted your business to survive", he explains.

Daniel says that due to his online activity and the professional guidance he received from eBay Israel's Business Division, as part of the training program for small businesses, he managed to keep his store in profit, and even expand it. "We put in a lot of work in order to stand out, even in these times. This included advertising, newsletters and launching new designs. The work and effort yielded results. The brand has grown 7 to 9 percent every month, since April", stated Daniel and adds: "I think that today, it's not an option to be absent from e-commerce platforms. One of the lessons we learned during the coronavirus pandemic, is the need to divide the business' investment into a few different channels - the physical and the online one. We need to learn the advantages of each channel, and through them we can help the business and ourselves to further grow and develop".