Seller School

Better to see something once than hear it a thousand times, isn’t it? Starting with how to create an effective listing, through eBay Store subscription and special promotion tools to the proven and reliable statistics of Terapeak: on this page we’ve collected all the eBay educational videos that can help you start and boost your business on eBay.

Let’s start learning! 

Supercharge your eBay business with a Store subscription

Get more out of selling on eBay with the eBay Store! Learn how to deliver an optimal end-to-end experience to your customers, create an attractively branded storefront, receive additional free listings and save money on fees each month that you use the eBay Store subscription.

Reach new buyers with Promoted Listings

The eBay Promoted Listings feature is a simple way to give up to 36% more exposure to your items and place them in front of more active shoppers all over the world. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to achieve these goals and remain a competitive eBay seller with the Promoted Listings tool.

Promoted Listings:
4 top tips

Four simple tips on how to succeed with the Promoted Listings tool. Learn how to set up and achieve your business goals by defining a campaign strategy, create high quality listings, how to use the “recommended” listings option and advice on setting competitive ad rates.

Why Terapeak?
Give your listings a boost

Build your business strategy and get valuable insights into what, how and when to sell according to research data from Terapeak. It improves your selling based on real and easy-to-understand statistics. Find all the useful sales trends already in your Seller Hub.

Optimize your listings with Terapeak

Is it difficult to create an ideal listing that stands out among the billions of others ? No, not if you know on what to pay attention to.

See how to set a competitive price, find out if your title and description are detailed enough and make sure that your shipping options match the buyers expectations. Consult Terapeak to see what to change or add to make your listing ideal.

eBay listing essentials

How do I create a listing? What photos will grab the buyers attention? How do I set the right price for my items? You’ll find answers to these and many other questions in our video. Clear and detailed answers for beginners as well as useful tips and tricks for those who have already listed their items: enjoy all the listing essentials just by clicking on “Play”.