How to Set Up the Rule to Automatically Send Refunds

This rule allows you to automatically refund the buyer when he requests a return for some reason. You can choose the return reasons when this rule will apply. eBay recommends you set up and apply this rule to relatively inexpensive items.

  1. In the "The total refund is" field, enter the maximum cost of the item (in US dollars) that you are ready to refund automatically.
  2. In the "The return reason is" tick the the boxes (✔) next to the reason for applying this rule. You can select one, several or all reasons. Use the “Select all”, “Delete all” buttons to tick or untick all return reasons.
  3. Click the “Turn on” button.


The rule is set up and saved.

After setting this rule, any buyer wanting to return an item, and that meets the criteria you have set, will receive automatic approval to start the refunding process.