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You can get unique benefits to help you succeed and grow on eBay


5 steps personal training by eBay’s professional team

Learn all the marketplace specifics: from account creation and inventory upload to customer communication –
all with a personal Growth Manager


Inventory upload
and integration solutions

Customized solutions to upload a catalog and synchronize your orders – no need for manual work!


Tools to help your business grow

Best practices and marketing tools
to sell like a pro


Free Store subscription

Get 3 months of free Store subscription
that suits your business needs best

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A world of opportunities for UAE sellers


Thousands of UAE sellers on eBay


UAE sellers actively selling mostly to USA and Europe


A UAE seller sells an item on eBay every 90 seconds

Our partner


Aramex is a leading logistics provider. We strive to connect the world, bridging the gap between East and West, and enabling growth and wealth for businesses, and our partners. Our dedication to innovation drives our unmatched portfolio of logistics and transportation services ranging from domestic and international express delivery, e-commerce shipping and fulfillment solutions, road, air, and sea freight, to supply chain management, consumer retail services, technical support, and more.

With a global logistics network of over 17,000 employees, across more than 600 offices, in over 65 countries, Aramex connects the world safely and reliably through a variety of sectors including E-commerce, SMEs, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas, allowing for sustainable growth in global trade flow.

We take pride in being the first in the region to develop a sustainability report that highlights all our green achievements, including a 20% reduction in emissions by 2020, which we surpassed with substantial investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and energy awareness.


Success stories

Taros Trade

“eBay has been a game changer for us. The instant access to the huge customer base has made it possible to achieve an exponential growth and has added a lot of value to our business. It wouldn't be possible without the stellar support eBay offers through their business support program. With such support I can really feel confident moving forward and scaling up, knowing they always have my back”.

Stefan Tashev, Owner

Michelle Fashion

“The great advantage on eBay is that it opens up your business to the entire planet and you can sell to clients worldwide, which you could not access otherwise”.

Michael Tokatlidis, Owner


"The main problem about export is that at the beginning foreign buyers always lack trust to an unknown manufacturer from some Russian province. The marketplace solves this problem, consumers trust eBay".

Alexey Lukyanov, CEO